Seoul lost 0-1 at home to Ulsan HD in the 11th round

Seoul lost 0-1 at home to Ulsan HD in the 11th round of the Hana Bank K League 1 2024 at Seoul World Cup Stadium on April 4, thanks to a late Martin Adam penalty kick (PK) winner.

Thwa’s PK just before the end of the match gave Seoul the win at home. The referee’s decision to award the penalty kick was controversial.

With the score 0-0, in the 40th minute of the second half, Choi Joon made a move in the box that could have resulted in a penalty kick. Hwang Seok-ho’s cross was headed on by Ataru (Ulsan). The ball hit his head and deflected off the upper body of Seoul defender Choi Joon. At this point, referee Kim Hee-gon did not call a handball penalty.

At 41:50 of the second half, after the ball was touched out, the referee communicated with the video assistant referee and later called a handball foul on Choi Joon, 바카라사이트 awarding Ulsan a PK. Choi Jun was warned.

However, the ball didn’t seem to have hit him in the upper body by his intention.

Choi’s gaze was directed away from the ball, and the ball did not hit his arm, but between his shoulder and elbow.

Seoul filed an official complaint with the KFA on July 7, citing foul and illegal behavior under Article 12 of the Laws of the Game. The referee’s handball call was deemed to be questionable based on the following factors: unintentional touch, distance and speed from the ball, and location of the touch.

Seoul pointed to the fifth round match against Gimcheon on April 3 at the Seoul World Cup Stadium. It was a similar situation to this one, but Seoul did not earn a PK. In the first minute of the match, Seoul’s Palosevic’s shot hit Gim Bong-soo’s hand in the box, but no PK was awarded. There was also no on-field review.

A Seoul official said, “We asked for clarification. There were 52,600 spectators on the day, and many fans died without knowing why it was a PK, so we sent a letter to explain,” said the official.

“We would like to take this opportunity to request that the association and the clubs work closely together to reduce controversy over the decision as much as possible and work towards the revival of Korean soccer with games that both fans and players can understand and enjoy.”

In response to Seoul’s query,

The Korean Football Association’s (KFA) Referees Committee met on July 7 to evaluate the refereeing decisions of the 11 rounds, including today’s match.

The outcome of the committee was respect. The committee chose Respect among Heartfelt, Incorrect, and Respect. This means that the referee’s decision was not heartfelt. If the referee’s judgment was correct in the situation, it should be judged as sincere, but it was evaluated as respect.

Prior to the Umpire Appeals Committee’s decision, several former referees who experienced refereeing in the K League mentioned the idol singer. “Humans can’t jump and jump like crayon pops,” emphasized a former referee who requested anonymity. Choi’s situation was inevitable.

The Appeals Committee’s decision also blamed the referee for everything. It was literally a shirking of responsibility. The KFA’s management of referees is another controversial issue.

A few years ago, the decisions of the Appeals Committee on refereeing decisions were published on the website. However, it has since disappeared. When interviewed, the explanation is simple.

The KFA didn”t have a proper response to the controversy that arose in front of 52,600 people. The match was the largest single-game attendance in Korean professional sports in 2024 and the fourth largest single-game attendance in Korean professional sports in history. 사설 토토사이트 Fans traveled to the stadium ahead of Children’s Day.

However, controversial officiating decisions left both teams’ players and the fans who traveled to the stadium to support Seoul and Ulsan disappointed. As much as there are controversies, there seems to be no courage to face the controversies of their own making.

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