Seol Young-woo is finally going under the knife

Seol Young-woo, 26, the future of Korean soccer and Ulsan HD, is finally going under the knife.

Seol has been suffering from a dislocated right shoulder for a long time, and the symptoms have become more frequent in recent years. He dislocated his shoulder in the first leg of the Asian Champions League (ACL) Round of 16 first leg against Banfore Kofu (3-0) on Feb. 15, and again in the ACL quarterfinal second leg against Jeonbuk Hyundai (1-0) on March 12, when he dislocated his shoulder during a goal celebration after scoring the winning goal. He dislocated it while raising his arms in the air to elicit cheers from the fans.

“I was so happy after the goal that I dislocated my shoulder with an excessive arm movement, but the doctor quickly put it back in, so it didn’t affect my game,” Seol said with a smile, but he was worried.

The right fullback for the A team also suffered a dislocated shoulder in the third match of Group C of the 2026 North American World Cup Asia Second Qualifier against Thailand on March 21, 카지노사이트 a 1-1 draw, just three minutes into the match.

His shoulder was also troublesome in the 1-0 win over FC Seoul on April 4, the first day of the three-day Children’s Day holiday. Head coach Hong Myung-bo planned to substitute Choi Kang-min for Uhm Won-sang in second-half stoppage time. However, he switched to Seol Young-woo. “He was having trouble playing because of a shoulder problem,” he explained.

Seol’s absence could have been a blow for Ulsan.

However, the team had no choice but to accept the setback. Hong and the club made the big decision that they could no longer postpone the surgery for the sake of Seol’s soccer career.

“Since last year, my shoulder has been dislocating, and I’m worried about it. There is no way to heal it except surgery. I’m worried about the timing.” He had already foreshadowed the pause by saying, ”I’m worried about the timing.

After being hospitalized on July 7 and undergoing a detailed examination, Seol Youngwoo is scheduled to undergo surgery on the 8th. A dislocated shoulder surgery takes two to three months to recover. Ulsan will have to endure that period without Seol. Ulsan will fill the gap with U-22 international Choi Kang-min and Yoon Il-rok, who has shown promise in a change of position to right fullback.

The A team is also under fire with the impending appointment of a new coach. Seol Young-woo was called up to the A team for the first time in March last year and made his debut on June 20 against El Salvador.

The Qatar Asian Cup cemented his status as one of South Korea’s leading fullbacks. He started every game, including the quarterfinals, 메이저사이트 where he was named to the Best 11. He also played both right and left back.

Seol will not be available for South Korea’s June matches against Singapore and China in Group C, the fifth and sixth matches of the second Asian qualifying round for the North American Championship.

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