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Alternate starter, right outfield hopeful, and national shortstop auditioning

‘Commerce to join Okinawa for final camp’ alternate starter, right outfield hopeful, and national shortstop auditioning Left-hander Lee Seung-min and right-handed outfield prospect Kim Jae-hyuk, who showed promise as alternate starters before enlisting, have returned safely from military service. Lee Seung-min and Kim Jae-hyuk, who were members of the Armed Forces Athletic Corps (Commerce), have

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Benjamin Grabbed KT Wiz Magic Bat Led the Starter 2nd Place SSG Seok-Jeon and sole 2nd Place Jung Jo-Jun

Sorcerer Corps KT’s August “Magic Bat” is hot. KT won their fifth consecutive game with a 8-17 victory over Doosan in the visiting professional baseball game held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 9th. KT, who started the game one game behind second-place SSG, had a win-loss margin of +8 (5 wins, 2 draws,

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Professional Baseball KIA Jumps to 5th Place, Lotte 6th Place Doosan who has won five Consecutive Games is 5th

 KT beat Doosan by one point and won five games in a row. After five consecutive losses Doosan fell two spots from fifth to seventh. KIA took the lead on Socrates’ back-to-back home runs to beat Kiwoom and move up to fifth place. Lotte defeated SSG and jumped to sixth place. Hanwha Kim Seo-hyun who

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