Pepper Savings Bank Snaps 21 Game Losing Streak

Pepper Savings Bank Snaps 21 Game Losing Streak, Faces Longest Losing Streak in V-League History

Pepper Savings Bank, which is at the bottom of the V-League Women’s Division (7th),

is poised to set a new record for the longest losing streak in history.

On Tuesday, Pepper Savings Bank lost to IBK IBK with a set score of 0-3 and fell into a 21-game losing streak. 바카라사이트

It is the longest losing streak in a single season in the history of the V-League Women’s Division.

Pepper Savings Bank

The team is also very likely to finish last for the third consecutive season since its inception.

Pepper Savings Bank (2W26L-8P) has eight matches left this season.

Even if they earn all 24 remaining points,

they won’t be able to overturn the standings unless the top teams go undefeated in their remaining games.

Pepper Savings Bank is on the verge of an even more dishonorable record.

They can break the record for the longest losing streak in V-League history for both men and women.

KEPCO 45 (now KEPCO) lost 27 straight games over two seasons from 2007-2008 to 2008-2009.

If Pepper Savings Bank adds one more loss, it will be tied for fourth place with KEPCO,

which lost 22 consecutive games from the 2005-2006 season to the 2006-2007 season.

Based on their recent performance,

there’s a good chance that the team will continue their disgraceful record.

In the fifth round of the regular season,

Pepper Savings Bank is still ranked last in several offensive metrics,

including attack percentage (36.15%), service points (0.5 per set),

sets (11.56), and receiving efficiency (21.89%).

Jung kwan jang

Even when they were desperate to end the losing streak,

they were able to keep the game close, but not enough to pull away.

Against GS Caltex on the 6th, they won the first two sets before dropping three to five consecutive sets and hanging their heads in shame.

Another longest losing streak is on the horizon,

and even the last two matches of the fifth round are a struggle.

After facing Jung Kwan-jang, who is 3-1 in the fifth round,

on the 16th, they will meet Heungkuk Life, who is in a good position to win the title, on the 20th.

Pepper Savings Bank is undefeated against these two teams this season after last season.

Jungkwanjang is undefeated since its inception,

while Heungkuk Life’s only win came two seasons ago.

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