How to fill the gap in major power injuries in NC, which is going well

Not many experts named the NC Dinos as candidates for the fifth round ahead of the opening of this season. The critical factor was that the departure of foreign pitchers Eric Peddy (Chicago White Sox) and Koo Chang-mo (National Sports Unit), reducing the weight of the starting lineup. Excluding right-handed pitcher Shin Min-hyuk, the starting lineup had to be completely overhauled, which is highly uncertain.

As of Thursday, however, NC is ranking second with 22 wins and 13 losses, one game behind the Kia Tigers (23 wins and 12 losses). The team’s starting lineup (3.60), bullpen (3.84), and ERA are both No. 1. The worried starting lineup remained solid enough to maintain the fifth starting lineup along with the Lotte Giants until Lee Jae-hak (34) was excluded from the starting lineup on Friday.

NC Dinosaurs are enjoying a better-than-expected cruise, but NC is also suffering from injury. The number of injuries has been on the rise recently. Right-handed pitcher Song Myung-ki (24) was canceled on April 30 due to a sprained right intraperitoneal muscle. Left-handed specialist Lim Jeong-ho (34) left-handed on Tuesday was out due to left elbow impingement syndrome. They are undergoing rehabilitation treatment side by side. Seo Eui-tae and Chae Won-hoo (Chae Myung-eun and Jeon Ji-seon) took the place for now.

It was not the end. On Thursday, starting pitcher Lee Jae-hak, who had recently shown good performance, was erased due to muscular torsion in his right back muscle, and second-year player Shin Young-woo was substituted for the match against the Incheon SSG Landers. To make matters worse, Kim Han-byul (23), who took advantage of the sluggish performance of his key shortstop Kim Ju-won, was also hit by SSG Choi Min-joon’s pitch on the day, and suffered a bruise on his right middle finger and lacerations on his nails. He will have to undergo a medical examination again and remove seams in two weeks, which is inevitable for the time being.

Injuries to pitchers who are not small in proportion are fatal. Nevertheless, NC held out with two wins and two losses in four games in May. The key is what to do. With the weather getting hotter and pitchers’ physical burden increasing, it is possible to compete for the ranking only when it can maintain the current upward trend. I wonder how NC will overcome the first crisis that came earlier than expected.

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