At the age of 33, 36 goals and 17 assists have been in an all-time crazy season

PSV Eindhoven won 4-2 over Spartan Rotterdam in the 32nd round of the Netherlands Eredivisie in the 2023-24 season at Philips Stadion in the Netherlands on the 5th (Korea time). Eindhoven won early on the day with two games left in the league due to the victory. He is nine points behind second-place Feyenoord, confirming his victory regardless of the remaining games.

It is the first championship in six years since the 2017-18 season. Eindhoven has long held the title of a prestigious Dutchman, but he has missed out on the opportunity to win the title, losing out to Ajax and Feyenoord. However, his overwhelming record of 28 wins, three draws and one loss this season was impressive.

The biggest contributor to Eindhoven’s Eredivisie competition is definitely Luke the Dragon. He played in 45 matches in all competitions this season, scoring a whopping 36 goals and 17 assists. His record in double league games is 27 goals and 14 assists. He completely bombed the Dutch league even at the age of 33 this year.

The Dutch national is a veteran striker who boasts of strength in competition for aerial ball games. He boasts superb header ability by utilizing his physical conditions of 188 centimeters. He is also good at post-play and passing passes the ball to teammates.

He is also famous for playing in various leagues. In 2012, he left Tvente in the Netherlands to join Germany’s Mönchengladbach team. In 2014, he briefly played for England’s Newcastle United on loan. He then played for Eindhoven and Sevilla. During his time with Sevilla, he spent one season on loan at FC Barcelona.

Since then, De Jong has played for Eindhoven, his former club, from the 2022-23 season. In his first season after returning to Korea, he recorded a total of 38 matches with 18 goals and seven assists. He then showed perfect performance this season, scoring 36 goals and 17 assists. He also led his team to the championship by scoring one assist at the match against Sparta, which clinched the championship.

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