Don’t You Know If I Can Do a Treble? Ballon d’Or Winner’s Criticism of Kane

England icon Owen strongly criticized Kane’s decision to transfer to Munich, Germany’s Sport 1 said on the 28th. 토토 According to the media, Owen said in an interview with DAZN, I don’t agree with him moving from Tottenham Hotspur to Munich. He should have stayed at Tottenham for another year. If he was desperate to win the trophy, he would have been able to move to a big club without difficulty because he became a free agent after the season.

Kane, who moved to Munich this summer with a transfer fee of about 100 million pounds about 165 billion won, has been a fixture in the front line striker position. In addition, so far, he has scored 9 goals and 4 assists in 8 league games and 2 goals and 2 assists in 3 UEFA Champions League games, showing a world class-like performance. In particular, Kane scored three goals and two assists in the match against Bochum in the fifth round of the league alone, clearly showing why he is in the position of the world’s best striker.

However, Owen, a senior member of the England national team and a Ballon d’Or winner, expressed his incomprehension of Kane’s choice. Owen said of Kane He’s an incredible player and it’s no surprise he’s still performing well. He has a tremendous talent, he said. If Tottenham miraculously performed well and started to challenge for the championship title, he would have stayed. Munich is undoubtedly one of the biggest clubs in the world. But for me to go to Munich to win the trophy is special

I don’t think so. Munich will win the league regardless of Kane. This is not enough as a reason for his departure,” he said.

Also, The only benefit of moving to Munich is playing for UCL and having a chance to win, and in my opinion, Man City seem to have a good chance of beating them and winning. There is also a chance for other teams to win, even if they are not. Munich also has potential, but Manchester City is more dominant, he added.

I haven’t changed my mind, he said. But if he trebles in Munich I would say I’m wrong. However, if he wins only in the league, he will still think that the transfer was not right, he said.

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