Twain Sports Prepares To Make Legal Debut In Ontario

Another promising gambling brand is set to join Ontario and its regulated iGaming market. 슬롯머신 This week, Twain Sports announced that it has received the required certification from Ontario’s Alcohol and Gaming Commission. Hybrid Sports League and Bet Games’ vertical live sports are now allowed to provide its content to operators in the area.

After a delay, on April 4, 2022, Ontario launched Canada’s first open and regulated iGaming segment for third-party operators and providers. The market introduction aimed to eliminate gray market operations and keep some of the revenue local, allowing them to reinvest in critical sectors and build for a better Ontario.

Most recently, Twain Sport announced that it will be able to debut in Ontario with the official approval of AGCO, which oversees the local online market. Founded by Hybrid Sports League and Bet Games, Live Sports is now looking to offer Ontario operators a unique high-rotation and high-frequency format of live sports products.

John-Paul Rowland, BetGames’ vice president for Europe, Asia and the Americas, commented on the rollout and shared that the company was pleased to have obtained a vendor license within state boundaries. He continued that the region is one of the quick expansions and has shown tremendous potential, and that he believes early 2023 entry is the perfect time for verticals to enter.

Mr Rowland added that Ieodo’s entry will not only enable the company to achieve its ambitious goals this year but also establish itself as a leading brand in twin sports in the live sports niche market. He is now looking forward to starting his business in-house and is eager to see what the province has in store for its live sports supplier.

Ontario’s entry is also aimed at locally licensed operators to meet the growing demand for high-frequency entertainment and fast-paced content, while strengthening Twain Sports’ player exposure and global presence. As the regional market continues to expand into the continent’s leading market, brands will strive to position themselves as important vendors.

Another gaming brand provided an update on its entry into Ontario this week. Betty, a real moneymaker, shared that it has raised more than US$5 million from a suite of investors to support its Ontario operations. As already authorized by AGCO, the brand expects a soft launch in the province in February 2023 and its official debut to arrive in the second quarter of 2023.

Earlier in the calendar year, AGCO’s subsidiary iGaming Ontario issued its third-quarter report on the market for the fiscal year 2022-23. The market hit previous highs in the third quarter, generating C$11.53 billion and C$457 million in revenue from total betting handles. By the end of the quarter, there were 36 betting operators and 68 gaming websites online.

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