Manager Kim Tae-hyung Praised The Best Catcher

Manager Kim Tae-hyung, who was appointed as the new head coach of Lotte Giants, evaluated Lotte’s performance and said that the catcher’s team is second to none in the league. 토토 And manager Kim Tae-hyung said, There are so many games played by Yoo Kang-nam and there are young catchers, so I think I can advise on what I have experienced.

Yoo Kang-nam, who joined as a free agent for four years and 8 billion won, Son Sung-bin, who showed off his strong judgment after being discharged from Sangmu, and Jung In-geun, who received trust from the pitching staff and is full of offense. It was the first time in six years since Kang Min-ho Samsung left in 2018, and it was the first season to solve the catcher’s concerns. There is a clear main catcher and even a backup catcher who can firmly support the main catcher. This year, Lotte organized the season with a three-person, three-color catcher team.

Coach Kim Tae-hyung, who was a defensive catcher with leadership and charisma during his active career, built his best career as a leader. He has advanced to the Korean Series for the seventh consecutive year and won the Korean Series three times, making it the best master at the moment. He joined the league’s best catchers, including Yang Eui-ji Doosan and Park Se-hyuk, and trained them to rise to the ranks of the championship. Manager Kim never overlooks the role of catcher.

Usually, the finishing training is full-time players, and veteran players have time to recharge. Pitchers who threw a lot during the season also begin to recover rather than train. However, at the first turn of Lotte’s finishing training, Yoo Kang-nam, who joined as an FA this year and played the role of the main catcher, is going to work at Sangdong Stadium.

Manager Kim Tae-hyung, a former catcher, asked Yoo Kang-nam to attend the closing training immediately after the meeting to identify Lotte. Of course, only the first part of the final training schedule will be completed. Head coach Kim Tae-hyung said, This training turn, I will come out until the next turn at the most and rest, explaining why he called Yoo Kang-nam Sang-dong, saying, I came out to train to supplement the hitting part, but the important thing is that I have a lot to ask about the pitchers.

Yoo Kang-nam also said, I think I need to fill it up better in terms of batting enemy. And I came to the finishing training to match what I felt and what the manager felt, he explained.

Manager Kim Tae-hyung watched the pitching of the bullpen by the pitching staff as his first task in the finishing training. All the pitchers in the training were prepared to pitch the bullpen on the first day of training. I spent most of my time watching bullpen pitching on the first and second days. Jung Sung-jong and Kim Jin-wook, who have to take the mound in the first division, are pitchers that manager Kim Tae-hyung has watched closely. He was busy finding gemstones that he had to play on the first-tier mound and had potential, and asked for opinions from veteran catchers to facilitate the process.

In addition, head coach Kim Tae-hyung tried to make Son Sung-bin, who received attention for his strong throws after being discharged from Sangmu this year, a key target for guidance. However, Son Sung-bin will join the national team of the Asian Professional Baseball Championship competition, which will be held from the 16th of next month. Coach Kim Tae-hyung does not have much time with Son Sung-bin as the call-up training will begin on the 5th of next month ahead of the competition. It’s a pity that Son Sung-bin can’t leave the finishing training.

Currently, Son Sung-bin is included in the recovery group and will work with head coach Kim Tae-hyung in earnest from the second training turn starting on the 30th of next month. Coach Kim and Son Sung-bin have only about five days to spend together.

Director Kim said of Son Sung-bin, I wanted to correct my batting a little bit. He’s a powerful player, so I hope he can make a swing that fits his power. I think I can hit long balls enough, but I can’t hit the timing, he said, adding that there is room for him to grow further as a batter and make his long-distance shots in full bloom. Coach Kim is regretful that this time has been reduced. Manager Kim Tae-hyung does not take much trouble with the defense.

Son Sung-bin is also looking forward to working with head coach Kim Tae-hyung. I haven’t met face-to-face yet, but I can’t wait to do it, he said. I’m looking forward to it because you’re specialized in catcher, but I think it’s scary. I’m prepared to be scolded. I feel like I’m learning faster and in person when I’m scolded, he said.

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