Lucas Paqueta is in danger of being banned from the game

Shocker. Lucas Paqueta, 27, is in danger of being banned from the game after being charged with ‘intentional caution’.

The Sun reported on April 4 that the English Football Association (FA) wants Paqueta to be banned from soccer for life. Paqueta is accused of manipulating matches through ‘deliberate warnings’.

The FA charged Paqueta last month with knowingly receiving warnings in four English Premier League (EPL) matches so that his friends could profit from betting. 카지노사이트 Paqueta, of course, maintains his innocence.

He said he was “very surprised and angry” when the FA charged him.

I cooperated with every step of the investigation for nine months. He provided all the information I could,” he said, adding, ”I categorically deny all the allegations. I will fight to be exonerated.” West Ham are also backing Paqueta to “prove his innocence”.

But Paqueta is in a precarious position. The ‘non-league’ Kina Isaacs was handed a 10-year ban in October 2022 for a single intentional caution. The FA believes Paqueta’s alleged offense is far more serious. “The FA’s charge sheet includes a recommendation that Paqueta be banned for life if found guilty,” according to The Sun.

The matches in question were against Leicester City on November 12, 2022, Aston Villa on March 12, 2023, Leeds United on May 21, 2023, and Bournemouth on August 12, 2023. FA suspects Paqueta was deliberately shown the card in the 15th minute of the Leicester game, the 25th minute of the Aston Villa game, the 20th minute of the Leeds game, and the 48th minute of stoppage time at Bournemouth.

Paqueta is a Brazilian international.

City were even prepared to make an £80 million transfer fee for Paqueta. However, the fact that the bet was a ‘penny’ is even more surprising.

Bets on Paqueta’s yellow card ranged from £7 to £400, 바카라사이트 추천 and ironically, the first gaming company to alert them to the suspicious betting patterns was West Ham’s shirt sponsor, Betway.

The small bets were placed from Paqueta Island, off the coast of Rio de Janeiro, his hometown. However, it will reportedly be a long time before the case is concluded as Paqueta’s life is at stake.

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