Eves Bissouma was the victim of a premeditated crime

Tottenham’s Son Heung-min’s teammate Eves Bissouma was the victim of a premeditated crime while on vacation.

“Tottenham star Bissouma was robbed by a gang of men disguised as fans,” British media outlet The Sun reported on April 4 (ET).

Bissouma was vacationing with his girlfriend in Cannes, France. At 4 a.m. local time on February 2, he was attacked outside his hotel. The two assailants posed as fans and approached him as if they wanted to take a picture with him.

“They were attacked by two masked men in front of a five-star hotel in Cannes at around 4 a.m.,” The Sun reported.

French police said: “It is clear that they are part of a very well-organized gang. Both were waiting outside the hotel. 스포츠토토 When the Bissouma couple got out of the limousine, they attacked them.”

“At first they acted as if they were going to take a photo together,” the French police said. As they were wearing masks, the couple tried to enter the hotel, but the doors were locked. They were then sprayed in the face with gas. They were robbed of a watch and three diamond rings.”

The watch was valued at £260,000 (about $450,000), according to The Sun.

‘Bissouma and his girlfriend were so shocked and disappointed that they flew straight back to London,’ The Sun reported. They were due to spend a few days on vacation at a French resort,’ it added.

Tottenham said: ‘We are aware of the incident. We are aware of the incident and will continue to check on the safety of Eves and his family.”

The Sun added: ‘Sources said such attacks have become increasingly common across France in recent years, with more than 30 incidents reported since January 2023. Two watches worth £200,000 were stolen during the film festival, which is attended by Hollywood celebrities.

The Sun warned that “name-brand watches are targeted because they are easily sold on the black market.

Bissouma was born in French-speaking Ivory Coast but chose Malian citizenship. 바카라사이트 추천 Bissouma spent two seasons at French Ligue 1 club Lille before joining Spurs from Brighton. This season, Bissouma has anchored Spurs’ midfield alongside James Maddison and Pape Sarr.

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