Deft and Showmaker, Promote ‘Korean Charm’

Deft and Showmaker Visit Vietnam to Promote ‘Korean Charm’

In celebration of the 2024 Visit Korea Year, players representing the LCK will visit Hanoi, Vietnam to promote Korean tourism.

League of Legends Champions Korea (CEO Sang-heon Oh, hereinafter referred to as ‘LCK’),

which hosts the Korean professional league for ‘League of Legends (LoL)’ esports,

includes Kim ‘Deft’ Hyuk-gyu, Heo ‘Showmaker’ Su, and Park ‘Morgan’ Ru-han.


It was announced on the 26th that LCK players will participate in the ‘2024 Korea Travel Festa’ to be held in Hanoi, Vietnam from Friday the 24th to Sunday the 26th of next month.

The 2024 Korea Travel Festa is an event hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and organized by the Korea Tourism Organization,

and is an event designed to promote Korean tourism to Vietnam. 카지노사이트

LCK is a regional league that has won the World Championship (hereinafter referred to as Worlds),

the most prestigious competition in League of Legends, eight times,

and has proven to be a global premium content by gaining worldwide popularity.

The LCK is broadcast live around the world in six languages,

including Korean, English, and Vietnamese, and Vietnam is the third region with the most fans watching the LCK.

The 2024 LCK Spring Finals, which ended not long ago, has solidified its position as a popular content in Vietnam,

recording the highest number of simultaneous users of 560,000 in Vietnam alone.

Korea Travel Festa

To repay the support of Vietnamese fans, LCK participated in the Korea Tourism Promotion Center within the 2023 Ho Chi Minh International Tourism Expo and will participate in the Korea Travel Festa this year.

KT Rolster’s Kim ‘Deft’ Hyeok-gyu and ‘Beryl’ Geon-hee Jo, Dplus Kia’s ‘Showmaker’ Su Heo and Choi ‘Lucid’ Yong-hyeok, and OK Savings Bank Brion’s Park ‘Morgan’ Lu-han will meet Vietnamese fans on behalf of the LCK.

LCK will set up a promotional booth at this event and meet local Vietnamese fans in person.

Players participating in the event as LCK representatives promote the LCK and Korean tourism by participating in media meetings,

Korean tourism talk shows, event matches with Vietnamese influencers, fan meetings, and autograph sessions.

The media conference, one of the key events of the Korea Travel Festa,

has e-sports represented by LCK as the theme of the first part, and the second part deals with K-pop.

In Part 1, LCK Secretary General Lee Jeong-hoon and LCK representative players will serve as speakers to introduce the LCK and answer local questions about the LCK, and will deliver a message inviting Vietnamese fans to tour Korea.

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