Silver Heritage Takes New Chair With 2 Executives Out

Australian-listed casino operator Silver Heritage Group said in a filing on Tuesday that it had a new chairman and had stepped down as board members of two others as part of a change that reflected new ownership by a company linked to the Philippines. Silver Heritage is a developer of a casino resort called Tiger Palace Resort Vairawa on Nepal’s border with India.

John Dougall joined the board as an independent director and chairman on June 25, according to the announcement.

The filing added that James Edwards and Rodney Hall had resigned as directors but remained Australian legal counsel, company secretary and chief operating officer, respectively.

The filing said stepping down from the board was intended to make the board “nubble-sized.”

Silver Heritage said it was “delighted” by Mr Dougal’s appointment, noting that he had more than 16 years of corporate director experience “operating in software, services and gaming” listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

The company added: “His experience, expertise, real-world management style and commitment to top-notch corporate governance make him a very important appointment to the company.”

On January 21, Hatch Australia Holdings Pty Ltd acquired 92% of the outstanding equity capital of Silver Heritage, which went into management on May 18, 2020.

Other members of the board remain. They are non-executive directors Ross Jacks and Ramon Garcia, and executive directors Kirk Arambulo and Raphael Considering, the company’s chief executive officer.

According to a November 2020 filing by DFNN Inc with the Philippine Stock Exchange, he owned an 18.98% stake in Hatch Asia Inc, a Philippine-based company that was pursuing silver heritage capital expansion at the time.

The filing added that it had received a “no objection letter” from Australia’s Foreign Investment Review Board about the Philippine company’s 92% acquisition of a stake in Silver Heritage through its subsidiary. Control of the casino company’s board of directors was handed over to Hatch Asia in January this year following a takeover bid.

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