New faces in the Asian quarter without a veil

Twenty-nine athletes with different skin colors and hair colors stood in front of the scale with a nervous look. They measured their weight and height one after another, quickly teased themselves on the reaction speedometer, and laughed as if they were relaxed as soon as their turn was over.

The Asian quarter try-out event for the 2024 professional volleyball women’s team was full of new faces from all over Asia, including New Zealand, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and East Asia, which took place on Jeju Island on Wednesday. As the number of participants has increased from 10 to 64, the number of players has diversified.

Among them, China’s middle blocker Zhang Yu stands out the most. With an overwhelming 196 centimeters of physique and good skills such as fastball and serve, he has been active in Beijing BAIC Motor since 2013. He also showed his skills in the practice game, and I felt the atmosphere of the clubs that closely watched his movements.

Some teams are paying close attention to the setter. For example, IBK took on a variable at the last minute when Ponpoon, who was highly likely to renew his contract last night, withdrew his application for the Asian quarter. Kim Ho-cheol, head coach of IBK, said, “We will look into the setter from Japan and China.” Jaisan Natanitsa, a member of the Thai national team, is also considered a good resource.

Jeong Kwan-jang is likely to renew his contract with Mega, which is considered the biggest beneficiary of the Asian quarter last season. Hyundai Engineering & Construction will also be able to continue with Hyundai Engineering & Construction once more unless it finds a better outside heater as Wipawi, which contributed to the integrated victory, re-applied.

Heungkuk Life Insurance and GS Caltex plan to thoroughly monitor players. As they gave up key players in the last free agent market, they should make active use of this tryout.

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