Shocking Ohtani reveals his past history before interpreting

Japan’s Sponizia Nex reported on the 23rd (Korea Standard Time) that Mizuhara attended a casino dealer training school after graduating from a university in the United States.

Although she went to school, Mizuhara did not become a dealer. She started her career in the baseball field as an interpreter for Hideki Okajima of the Boston Red Sox from 2010. In 2013, she worked as a foreign player for the Nippon Ham Fighters and got acquainted with Ohtani.

After signing a contract with the Los Angeles Angels through the posting system in 2017, Ohtani hired Mizuhara as a dedicated interpreter. Since then, as Ohtani has emerged as a superstar, Mizuhara has also been treated like a star.

Recently, the U.S. authorities confirmed that a large amount of money was transferred to a gambler from Ohtani’s account and began an investigation. Mizuhara, an interpreter, admitted that she had illegally gambling in international soccer, the NFL, college football, and the NBA without Otani’s knowledge, and then dabbled in Ohtani’s money. The money that disappeared from Ohtani’s account is said to have amounted to at least 4.5 million U.S. dollars.

Mizuhara initially told ESPN that Ohtani had paid off debts related to illegal gambling, but Ohtani changed his mind, saying, “I don’t know this.” Since then, the Ohtani Agency and the Dodgers have fired Mizuhara.

“Otani was the victim of a major theft,” lawyer Ohtani said, explaining that he had no knowledge of Mizuhara’s gambling. He also sued Mizuhara for theft and illegal gambling.

However, the problem is that the possibility of Ohtani’s punishment has emerged. According to local media, there is a possibility that Ohtani would be punished if he loaned money to Mizuhara even though he knew it was illegal gambling debts. 

“When they were in the dugout yesterday, Ohtani learned that there was a gamble involving Mizuhara,” ESPN’s Jeff Bankruptcy said. “At some point, the story changed, and then the statement came out that it was a theft.”

Sports gambling is illegal in California. In other words, when Ohtani was aware of Mizuhara’s gambling debts and the incident surfaced, she suspects Mizuhara of overwriting all responsibilities. Dodgers leadership and people in Ohtani are tightlipped. The Major League Baseball secretariat has yet to announce its position.

For now, attention is being paid to the investigation results of the investigation authorities.

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