Korean zombie Jung Chan-sung has announced the launch of a new Korean mixed martial arts competition

Korean zombie Jung Chan-sung (37) has announced the launch of a new Korean mixed martial arts competition. Dubbed a master fighter in the UFC, Jung announced the launch of the Korean mixed martial arts competition on social networking services (SNS) on Tuesday. The competition is called “ZFN” (Z-FIGHT NIGHT).

ZFN (Z-FIGHT NIGHT) describes Korea’s ambition to become the “last league” of mixed martial arts (MMA) in Korea, after the last letter of the alphabet “z.” The competition was designed to promote the development of the mixed martial arts market in Korea. Jung Chan-sung will appear on the competition to prepare for a showdown between amateur players who were elected on Zombie Trip, which drew much attention from social networking sites.

The first Z-FIGHT NIGHT competition will take place on June 29. “I think we will make a good match for our players,” Jung said, clenching his fist. “I will help Korean fighters achieve their dreams.” The opening ceremony will be revealed on Jung’s YouTube channel on Friday. The details of the competition will be shared at the opening ceremony. Z-FIGHT NIGHT news can be found on ZFN’s official Instagram @zfn__official channel. 

Meanwhile, Jung conquered both Korea and Japan and joined the U.S. WEC in 2009. Making his UFC debut in 2011, he displayed his twister skills to Leonard Garcia, who won the competition. He rose to third place in the UFC featherweight division and challenged champion Jose Aldo in August 2013, but suffered a TKO defeat due to injury.

Afterwards, he had a hiatus due to military service. He returned to the UFC in February 2017 and beat Dennis Bermudez by KO, signaling his revival. Even in his 30s, he has risen back to the rank of UFC featherweight champion with strong punches and brilliant grappling skills. However, after losing in the title match with last year’s champion Alexander Volkanovski, he announced his retirement after losing to Max Holloway, who was ranked No. 1 in his class.

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