Cambodia, Thai Police Arrested Over Anti-Gambling Crackdown

Thailand and Cambodia have been the subject of major crackdowns on anti-gambling activities in recent weeks, with police arrested in both areas. More than 550 illegal immigrants have been detained in Cambodia and 40 have been arrested in Thailand. The arrests are the result of a multi-agency operation and have been linked to raids on illegal Filipino offshore game operations.

Thailand’s crackdown

In Thailand, over 40 suspects were detained for allegedly being involved in illegal gambling operations. The services turned over about 2 million baht per day. The group was operating three online casino game sites that had been in operation for three years. Over 50,000 gamblers accessed the sites.

The Crime Stoppers were part of the raid, which seized more than 460 million baht of assets and cash during the raid. A total of 52 locations were attacked in 10 different provinces. Presumably, the operations were connected to the main network located in Kon Kaen.

Websites provided by illegal operators gave players access to various types of gambling. Anyone who used the service had to transfer funds to the organization’s bank accounts, which were linked to gambling sites.

After the money was transferred, it was withdrawn and transferred to another account, trying to hide traces of the money. Items seized in the Thai airstrike included cash, bank accounts, ATM cards and mobile phones.

A lot more people have been arrested in Cambodia

Police have arrested more than 550 people in Cambodia, while around 40 people have been arrested in Thailand. Cambodia’s prime minister has called for a crackdown on illegal gambling operations, especially after casino-related kidnappings and an increase in human trafficking were seen.

Prime Minister Hun Sen has vowed to do all he can to stop illegal gambling and ensure that participants are brought to justice. While the action is applauded, it may have been too late for any good to be done. For years, Cambodia has been hit by illegal gambling activities to the extent that other countries, such as the U.S., do not want to be bound by the region’s gambling industry.

Most of the people arrested were Chinese nationals. There were small groups in Vietnam and Malaysia. Those arrested occurred in Phnom Penh, Candal, as well as in Sihanoukville. Of the 414 people arrested on Sunday, over 160 were working without proper paperwork and permission.

It will be interesting to see whether further action will be taken in the future to ensure the continued eradication of illegal gambling practices in these parts of Asia.

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