“You’re a rapist!” the aftermath continues…President Lariga

“I’m a lawyer, I’m not guilty, what can I do?”

There was a shocking incident in the Spanish Primera Liga (La Liga) recently.

On March 2, Real Madrid played Getafe in the 20th round of La Liga. During the match, Real Madrid’s Judd Bellingham was heard saying “You’re a rapist!” to Getafe’s Mason Greenwood.

Greenwood was a highly touted forward for United. He rose through the United youth ranks to the first team and was touted as the striker of the future. However, he was accused of sexual assault, sparking a sexual offense controversy.

After a lengthy court battle, Greenwood was acquitted of sex offense charges. Despite his exoneration, the club refused to accept him. United manager Eric ten Haag wanted to keep Greenwood, but he couldn’t ignore the negative publicity.

Greenwood was eventually dumped by United last summer and is now on loan at Getafe in the Spanish Primera Liga (La Liga).

Greenwood was also the subject of a sexual offense controversy during his time at Manchester United, but he was ultimately acquitted of the charges that led to his ouster from the club. Nonetheless, Bellingham’s comments were a personal attack on an opposing player. The general consensus was that it was out of line, and Bellingham had to face a lot of criticism.

On top of that, Greenwood has been performing well in La Liga and is becoming an important resource for the league, so many people have stepped up to defend him. Greenwood is a striker that all three of La Liga”s biggest clubs – Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Atletico Madrid – are interested in.

La Liga president Javier Tebas has also weighed in, expressing his desire to 카지노 protect Greenwood and his desire to see him continue to play in La Liga.

Mr. Tebas was quoted by local media as saying, “I am a lawyer. If someone is innocent in a legal case, there is nothing more to say. You have to respect the legal process. They are accusing Greenwood, and you have to respect the legal process. I have nothing more to say about the Greenwood case, nothing at all,” he emphasized.

“I want Greenwood to continue playing in La Liga. He’s doing really well as a player. If he stays in La Liga, it’s good for us. Greenwood hasn’t been criticized in La Liga, so I don’t care,” he said.

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