The whole story of Lee Jung-hoo’s Sashimi Restaurant Story said I was surprised too

Lee Jung-hoo (25, San Francisco Giants), who is famous for his good fan service, recently told the back story of the “Shoesome Story Case,” which has become a hot topic.

Before leaving for the United States on the 1st, Lee Jung-hoo embarrassedly explained about the “sashimi restaurant story” at Incheon International Airport Terminal 2. Lee Jung-hoo smiled awkwardly and responded, “I don’t know what happened.”

Recently, numerous articles have been shared on various online communities, “Lee Jung-hoo’s story posted in the Kium Gallery.” The author, who first announced this, said on social media, “I went to a sushi restaurant for a meeting with Kium fans, and there was a picture of it after this, so I heard the story from the boss.”

“The boss asked Lee Jung-hoo, who came to the sashimi restaurant with his friends, for an autograph, and he just left and came back about 40 minutes later,” he explained. “After sending all his friends in a taxi, he signed autographs at the store and said, ‘I couldn’t sign them in front of them because they quit playing baseball.'”

Lee Jung-hoo was also exposed to the article and understood the content. However, Lee Jung-hoo laughed, saying, “I was surprised to hear the story, but that’s not true.”

“It wasn’t that kind of situation as it was in the article. One of my friends who accompanied me played baseball, and that friend was there as well,” he said. “I went out for a while and didn’t even come back,” he said. “I did everything for you on my way out after eating, but I don’t know what happened.”

Although the story is different from the truth, Lee Jung-hoo is a famous player for his great fan service. On this day, numerous fans gathered at Incheon International Airport to support Lee Jung-hoo after hearing the news of his departure.

After the press conference, Lee Jung-hoo immediately moved to a place where about 100 fans were waiting. This is to listen to the fans who support him. According to an official at Lee Jung-hoo’s management company Rico Sports Agency, Lee Jung-hoo continued to sign autographs for more than 10 minutes, and about 70% of the fans in line signed autographs and entered the departure hall.

Lee Jung-hoo’s journey to the MLB has begun. Lee Jung-hoo plans to join the team’s spring camp, which will begin in the middle of this month, while training to learn his sense of play in the U.S.

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