Former Vietnamese national team coach Park Hang-seo’s mother Mrs. Baek Soon-jung dies

Park Hang-seo (65), former Vietnamese national soccer team coach’s mother, Baek Soon-jung, died at the age of 102.

“Park’s mother, Mrs. Baek, was 102 years old on the afternoon of the 2nd,” DJ Management, which is in charge of Park’s management, said on the 2nd. “Park, who is currently staying in Vietnam, is urgently returning home after receiving the sad news.”

Mrs. Baek, who was born in Chukdong-myeon, Sacheon, South Gyeongsang Province, was called the Chukdong Year (Chukdong House) in Park’s hometown (Sancheong-gun, South Gyeongsang Province). She was a new woman who graduated from Jinju Girls’ High School (then called Ilshin Girls’ High School), a prestigious private school in South Gyeongsang Province. As her late husband, Park Rok, a former police officer, was injured in the Battle of Miryang during the Korean War and was unable to continue his public service, Mrs. Baek jumped into the workplace to take responsibility for her family’s livelihood from her late 20s.

While working various jobs, such as drugstores, restaurants, and salt wholesalers, he sent his sons to Seoul to teach them about college studies, and the youngest coach Park was raised as a national soccer player. People in his hometown, Sancheong, called Mrs. Baek a “female father.”

acquaintances who are well aware of coach Park’s family history say, “(Park) Hang-seo’s family spirit is just like his mother.” It is testament to the fact that the personality of not wanting to lose to the extent that he/she ran hard until his/her physical strength was exhausted to 0% during his/her active career and the friendly physical leadership he/she has shown since becoming a coach is all a legacy inherited from his/her mother.

Park used to show his filial piety to his mother whenever he had the opportunity. When he was busy as the head coach of the Vietnamese national team, he took time to visit Korea and ran to Sancheong, where his mother was first to visit. When he visited Korea two years ago to celebrate his mother’s 100th birthday, he said, “He wasn’t a son who caused trouble when he was young, but as he played soccer, he spent a long time away from his mother,” adding, “I have never expressed it publicly, but she is someone that I respect the most. I hope that you will continue to watch the youngest member, Hang-seo, work hard.”

Coach Park said, “As I am the youngest, I often scolded my mother and I remember being scolded bitterly,” adding, “I belatedly understand my mother’s heart, who was caring and sometimes determined after becoming the head of the household and father.” “As a coach of the Vietnamese national team, I can give you about 80 points, but I think it will be difficult to give you more than 70 points because there are many things I couldn’t do for my son,” he said, expressing his heartfelt feelings, “It hurt when I see my mother, who was always full of guns, getting older and blurred in her memory.”

The mortuary is located in the VIP room on the 2nd floor of the Sancheong Jangrye Restaurant located in Sancheong-gun, South Gyeongsang Province, and the cause of death will be on the 5th. The burial site is Daejeon National Cemetery.

BY: 스포츠토토핫

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