Samsung Has Done Its Way… Accompanied by Buchanan’s ‘Yangbo’ for 5 Years

Samsung has set a policy to renew its contract with Buchanan, who has been a steady starter for the past four seasons, and has continued negotiations. Buchanan, who was satisfied with his life with Samsung, was also willing to stay, so the negotiations were expected to end quickly.

However, the two sides have yet to narrow differences over the years. Buchanan, who was born in 1989 and turned 36 this year, wanted a multi-year contract to achieve a stable career as a player. It was also a natural request from the perspective of a player who is entering twilight.

However, it is not an easy matter for Samsung to accept. We had to consider future value and were concerned about injury history. If Samsung is replaced halfway after signing a multi-year contract, the loss will be entirely borne by Samsung. In many ways, it was a high risk.

Still, Samsung steadily narrowed its differences with Buchanan to stay. First of all, Samsung decided to concede one step on the multi-year contract. It was decided to allow a two-year contract. If the contract is signed, Buchanan will become the first multi-year foreign player in the KBO League.

However, they have yet to reach an agreement on the most important sum. Samsung replaced two of the three foreign players it played last season. It invested 1 million U.S. dollars, the maximum amount for a new foreign player, in Connor Seabold and batter David McKinnon. Samsung can invest 2.4 million dollars, excluding 2 million dollars, in total that it can spend on three foreign players (compared to salary cap increase when renewing contract).

If Samsung signs a two-year contract with Buchanan, it can invest up to 4.9 million dollars (2.4 million dollars + 2.5 million dollars), which is practically impossible. This is because foreign players other than Buchanan also need to be considered. If Buchanan is paid 2.5 million dollars for the 2025 season, the amount that he can give to renew the contract with the other two players will be reduced. This is why it is difficult to recklessly invest big money into Buchanan.

Samsung offered Buchanan conditions for setting the appropriate price, but has yet to hear a definite answer. Rather, Buchanan’s agent came up with a strategy to raise the ransom by telling Samsung that Buchanan is receiving attention from Major League Baseball teams.

“If Buchanan had actually been offered good conditions by the Major League Baseball, shouldn’t he have left earlier? Given that he is still negotiating with Samsung, he doesn’t seem to have received good conditions,” a source said.

“I understand Buchanan’s position, but the team also has a fixed range to offer,” said Lee Jong-yeol, Samsung’s general manager. “We also need the wisdom to give up one thing in order to achieve one thing.” This means that Buchanan also needs to have an attitude that knows how to yield in terms of amount since the team has given up multi-year contract. Samsung has already prepared plans B and C in preparation for possible collapse of negotiations with Buchanan.

Samsung is determined not to wait forever, even if Buchanan has committed himself for four years. This is because decisions must be made quickly in order to bring in a decent player.

Eventually, it is Buchanan that becomes disadvantageous over time. It is up to Buchanan to decide whether to accompany him for five years.

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