LG coach Yeom Kyung-yeop said, “If we improve the perfection of the first starter’s en-s changeup, we can win 15 games.”

LG Ens fights back in first live pitch

Manager Yeom Kyung-yeop of the professional baseball LG Twins pointed out that the success or failure of foreign left-hander Dietrick Ens, who is scheduled to play as the first starting pitcher this year, depends on his changeup.

According to the LG club, the Ens set up a batter for the first time at the spring camp set up in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA on the 21st (Korean time) and threw as if they had conceded a run.

Ens threw 25 pitches, using five pitches: fastball, cut fastball, slider, curve, and changeup.The highest speed of the fastball was 148 km/h.

Ens said, “I aimed to throw strikes, and I am satisfied,” and added, “I liked that the intensity and speed were similar to the actual game.”

Ens chatting with catcher Park Dong-won after his first live pitch.

Manager Yeom Kyeong-yeop said, “The angles of the curve, slider, and cut fastball were not bad, and it is important to increase the value of the changeup pitch, so I threw a lot to improve the perfection.”

He continued, “I think that if we just improve the perfection of the changeup, Ens will become a much more powerful pitcher and can achieve more than 15 wins.”

Ens, who received a contract deposit of $300,000, an annual salary of $600,000, and incentives of $100,000, totaling $1 million, which is the cap for new foreign players, and wearing LG uniforms, has a career record of 2 wins, 2 saves, and an ERA of 3.42 in the Major League Baseball (MLB). , recorded 11 wins, 17 losses, and an average ERA of 3.62 over two years in Japanese professional baseball. 일본야동

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