River Rock Casino Resorts Hold Brickcan In April

Just this week, the River Rock Casino Resort released some exciting news for Lego lovers in British Columbia and the region. The Game Amenity will host the Brick Can Exhibition, Canada’s largest Lego convention. It will be held at the end of April 2023, and tickets for the event will be sold online in the coming weeks.

Located on River Rd at River Rd 8811, Richmond, BC V6X 3P8, River Rock Casino Resort is a premium accommodation offering exceptional gambling, hospitality, dining and entertainment to many customers. It also utilizes BCLC’s GameSense, a player protection program designed to help gamblers create responsible gambling habits. Also, the casino is open 24/7.

This spring, Lego lovers in British Columbia will have a chance to meet with other builders at the Richmond Casino. As already mentioned, the Brickcan Convention is Canada’s largest Lego exhibition and the event is uniquely designed to display models made from Lego blocks made by hundreds of creators around the world.

Those planning to attend the convention will need to know that the event will be held at the casino from April 22, 2023 to April 23, 2023. Hundreds of creators are expected to gather at the event to show their impressive Lego structure. Tickets for the convention are not yet available, but they will be online in the coming weeks on the event’s official website.

It should also be noted that through casinos, Richmond receives annual game grants that benefit local community groups and organizations. In December 2022, the city received more than CA$1.5 million in gaming grants that were transferred from the region to dozens of groups. The game grants come from revenues from lottery, sports betting and casinos.

Arts grants totaled about C$370,000, and sports organizations received C$1.2 million in grants. Larger arts and cultural grants were awarded C$85,000 by Gateway Theatre and C$50,000 by the Richmond Art Gallery Association and the Richmond Music School Society respectively. Meanwhile, Richmond Jets received a grant of C$175,000, Tennis BC received C$119,000, and Connauth Skating Club received C$90,000.

In September 2022, employees at River Rock Casino Resort voted in favor of the strike. The casino’s employees are represented by the BC General Employees Union, and 96% of its members have since voted in favor of the strike. But the union has returned to discussions with its employer, Great Canadian Entertainment, and so far the issue has been resolved.

Chu Ming-feng, who was also sentenced to prison for the first-degree murder of River Rock casino resort lender Long Lilly Lee in late 2022, has sought a commutation. Advances made in the case include Judge George McIntosh and the jury, who heard that the killer could be placed on escort leave from prison in September 2028 and on full parole in September 2031

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