Yuk Sun-yeop is waiting for the opening day

‘Super Rookie’ Yuk Sun-yeop, the future of Samsung’s mound, is waiting for the opening day (March 23) as he continues to build his body.

A former ace for Jang Chung-go, Yuk Sun-yeop is 190 centimeters tall and weighs 90 kilograms, and has all the ingredients to become a starting pitcher, including fastball, changeup, and stamina. With his physical condition and excellent work ethic, he is expected to be a part of the starting staff in the future.

On the 3rd of this month at Daegu Samsung Lions Park, Yuk Sun-yeop said, “I got the impression that the team is well organized with a month-long schedule. “The advantage is that I can ask for advice from many people, including the coaching staff and training staff,” he said. “He always emphasizes that I should prepare well step by step so that I don’t overprepare.

“Yoshinobu Yamamoto (LA Dodgers) is all the rage these days. I’ve always admired him. I’ve always admired him. When I watch his interviews, 안전놀이터 I realize that he has this idea.”

He is likely to be included in the first team camp in Okinawa, Japan

He looking forward to playing scrimmages with the Japanese professional team. “It will be a great opportunity to see different types of baseball and understand why they are good at it. I think it will be a learning experience,” he says.

“His older brother said, ‘In high school, if you have a good pitch, you can throw it to the center and it will be out, but in the pros, if you throw it to the center, it will go straight to the home run. You have to be careful,'” he said. Yuk said.

Expectations are high for Yuk, both on and off the field. They want him to become a young ace representing Korea like Hanwha’s Moon Dong-joo. “I don’t feel any pressure, and I’m preparing as I always do. There are a lot of people who are helping me, including the manager, coach, and trainer, so I’m confident and will learn hard. I think I just need to do my best in what I need to do. I want to be like Moon Dong-joo,” he said.

Kang Min-ho recently appeared on KBSN sports commentator Kim Tae-gyun’s YouTube channel “Kim Tae-gyun [TK52]” and praised Yuk Sun-yeop’s guts. He said, “I think he’ll do well. His personality doesn’t seem to bother him. When the rookies came to greet me, I saw that he greeted me with eye contact and said, ‘Hello, senior,’ and I thought that he had courage. I want to go to spring training and get pitched to.”

Yuk said, “Thank you for remembering me. I was taught that I should look them in the eye and be confident when greeting them. It would be great if I could form a battery with you this season.”

On his top speed of 157 kilometers per hour

He said, “You might think it’s too high, but both my form and my speed are really good right now. That’s why I’m aiming for 157 kilometers.”

When asked about his goals for this season, he said, “I don’t know if I’ll be in the first team from my debut year, but the first thing is to go to camp and not overdo it and do well with the plan. There are a lot of seniors in the camp, and I will try my best to learn not only about baseball, but also about the attitude and self-management that a professional athlete should have. 파워볼실시간 If I do make it to the first team, I hope to have good results as I prepared hard, and even if I don’t, I will prepare well without rushing.”

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