NC Dinos players are giving fans a special day.

NC Dinos players are giving fans a special day.

Jae-hwan Lee (30-NC Dinos) announced a “donation event” on his social media on March 3.

“The fans gave me so much support and love in the 2023 season, so I organized a small event with the players to give back a little bit to the fans,” he said.

The event will take place from 12 to 5 p.m. on July 7. It will be held at ‘Cafe Sodamia’ located in Sanho-dong, Masan Happo-gu, Changwon-si.

Players who will light up the future of NC Kim Soo-yoon, Choi Bo-sung, Kim Tae-hyun, Park Joo-chan, and Lee Ki-seok will be serving daily. 온라인카지노

The proceeds will be donated to the local community in the name of the fans.

They will also give away jerseys to fans.

The jerseys of the players who will be serving on the day will be available for sale, as well as jerseys of players who cannot attend the event. The autographed jerseys will be available for sale to the following players: Jae-hwan Lee (2 pairs), Park Joo-chan, Kim Sooyoon, Choi Bo-sung, Kim Tae-hyun, Lee Ki-seok, Choi Sung-young, Choi Jung-won, and Seo Ho-cheol. All proceeds will be donated in the name of the purchaser. The price is set at 150,000 won.

“The price of the jerseys is based on the club’s sales (totaling 169,000 won, including embroidery on the 2023 Authentic jerseys) and was set in consultation with the Woohae players to give back a little more to the community,” explained Jae-hwan.

He also shared a request. “Please dress warmly as the weather may be cold,” said Jae-hwan. There will be one signed jersey per person. There are no card terminals, so only cash will be accepted. The donation menu includes Americano (recommended by Park Joo-chan), grapefruit and green grape ade (recommended by Jae-hwan), 에볼루션 바카라사이트 iced tea (recommended by Kim Soo-yoon), iced chocolate (recommended by Choi Bo-sung), and dessert (recommended by Kim Tae-hyun).” “For the smooth running of the event, the table usage time is one hour after the drink order,” he said.

“We will announce the donation location through our personal SNS later,” said Jae-hwan.

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