Parting ways after 27 years…Nike’s message to Tiger Woods.

No more red Nike T-shirts for the golfing emperor? Tiger Woods, 49, and Nike have ended their endorsement deal and gone their separate ways after 27 years.
“Twenty-seven years ago I was fortunate enough to begin working with one of the most iconic brands in the world, and the days that followed were filled with so many amazing moments and memories that if I started listing them one by one, it would take forever.

There will definitely be a next step.”
Nike also posted a photo of Woods in a red Nike t-shirt on its official Instagram account with the caption, “Tiger, what a round.

You challenged your competition, you challenged stereotypes, you challenged convention, you challenged old ways of thinking, you challenged the entire institution of golf, you challenged us, and most of all, you challenged yourself, and for all of that, we are grateful.”

Local talk is that the farewell comes naturally as Nike scales back its golf-related business.
Woods has had a close relationship with Nike since 1996, when he first turned pro.

He signed with the brand for a hefty $40 million over five years at the time of his debut and stuck with them for 27 years, not only for clothes and shoes, but also for golf clubs and balls.
Woods has won all 15 of his major championships with Nike.

The image of Woods celebrating a victory in a red T-shirt, black pants, and a black hat with a white Nike logo is an iconic image of American golf in the 2000s. 카지노사이트777

Nike’s Tiger Woods Collection, which features a logo designed to resemble the first two letters of Woods’ first and last names, “T” and “W,” has been selling like hotcakes.
When Tiger Woods’ infidelity scandal broke in 2009 and other companies ended their advertising deals with Woods, Nike stuck with him.

After Nike exited the golf equipment business in 2016, Woods switched to other brands for his clubs and balls, but continued to wear Nike clothing and shoes to show his friendship.
Despite the long-standing relationship, when Woods’ 10-year contract with Nike ended last December and there was no word of a re-signing, speculation continued to mount that the deal was coming to an end.

In fact, Woods has worn non-Nike golf shoes in competition since he was injured in a car accident in 2021.

Woods was last seen wearing a different brand of golf shoes at the PNC Championship, a family event in Orlando, Florida, on Dec. 16.
Fans are eager to see which company Woods will sign a new endorsement deal with.

“Woods is working on a new deal,” his representatives said.

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