“I couldn’t see anything,” says Baek Min-ju, who won three banked shots

“I couldn’t see anything. All I could think about was winning.”
These are the words of Baek Min-ju (Crown Hae-tae), who won the Most Valuable Player award after helping her team win the fourth round of the Professional Billiards PBA (PBA) Team League.
Baek spearheaded her team to a 4-2 (11:10, 7:9, 11:15, 9:3, 11:0, 9:4) victory over the NHK Cards in the final game of the fourth round of the 2023-2024 Welcome Savings Bank PBA Team League at the Kintex PBA Stadium in Goyang, South Korea on Wednesday. 카지노사이트777

With her team leading 3-2, Baek Min-ju entered the six-set women’s singles match and dominated against Kim Min-ah.

An early bank shot, followed by an additional bank shot, and a third bank shot proved to be the deciding factor.

She then added one point in the 6th and two points in the 10th to decide the match.
With Baek Min-ju’s victory, Crown Hae-tae tied with Nonghyup Card with 16 points, but took the lead in the head-to-head matchup (5-3).

If Baek Min-joo had lost and the match went to a seventh set, Crown Hae-tae would not have been able to win the championship as they only had two full set points.

After the match, Baek Min-joo said, “I was under a lot of pressure (to lose in the sixth set).

I really wanted to win, but I couldn’t even see my opponent’s score.

I won really hard,” she laughed.
Baek Min-joo was at her best in the fourth round, going 10-4 (3 singles, 7-4 doubles) for a 71.4 percent winning percentage, and was named the best player of the fourth round, earning a prize of KRW 1 million.
Baek Min-ju, who played and lost a two-set women’s doubles match, said, “In the second set, I didn’t get a point and thought, ‘I’m going to lose again,’ but fortunately, I made up for it in the six-set singles match and won.

Her teammate Lim Jung-sook said, “I want to tell Baek Min-ju that she did a great job and that she really struggled.”

In other matches of the day, Eswai defeated Haiwon Resort in a full-set thriller, 4-3, while SK Rent-a-Car beat Hana Card, 4-2, and Welcome Savings Bank defeated Blue One Resort, 4-3, to end the fourth round.
The Team League will begin the final five rounds of the regular season next month on June 6.

NH Card (winners of the first and third rounds), Eswai (winner of the second round), and Crown HaeTae (winner of the fourth round) have qualified for the postseason, and in addition to the winners of the fifth round, the five postseason teams will be determined by the final standings.

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