Ohtani’s Team Has Already Signed a Contract in Early December, U.S. Media, Meaningless Recruitment Competition

On the same day, MLB.com said, Many agents are waiting for contracts from top-class FAs, adding, Otani, Yoshinobu Yamamoto, and Cody Bellinger will finish their contracts, and the next types of FAs will continue. 안전놀이터 There will be a frenzy between Thanksgiving and winter meetings, he reported.

Sports channel ESPN also said on the 12th, Ohtani’s FA issue is unlikely to last long. Many leaders who spoke with ESPN last week said they had a feeling that he would decide his future sooner than expected, adding, Maybe it will be concluded before the winter meeting ends early next month. In this situation, Ohtani is drawing keen attention as there are observations that he has already decided on the team he will play in.

ESPN reporter Buster Olney said, ‘A friend of Otani’s said, Ohtani has already decided on the team he wants to play, and he’s waiting behind the scenes while his agent is negotiating. In the end, Ohtani will push ahead with the work as set. If the team he wants offered the right conditions, the recruitment competition around money is not that important, he said, adding, The team is the LA Dodgers.

It has been rumored since last winter that the Dodgers are the most likely team for Ohtani to sign. Local media and most of the team leaders and agents predict Ohtani will sign with the Dodgers. However, there has never been a story like this around Ohtani. If you are a general best friend who is not a baseball and media worker, even Ohtani, who does not express his feelings, can open up his heart.

The Major League Winter Meeting will be held in Nashville, Tennessee, from the 5th to the 7th of next month. The winter meeting is the highlight of the offseason, in which high-ranking club officials, agents, and the media are all out. The winter meeting is the time when a large contract is signed or agreed. It is usually after December 10th that the contract details are announced, but basically, it is during the winter meeting when the terms of the contract are exchanged through the search war and a tentative agreement is reached.

However, in the case of Ohtani, there is no need for a ‘interview’ like a search war. This is because if the team you want to go to has been decided, all you have to do is meet the terms of the contract. Reporter Olney predicts that it is the Dodgers. Some say Ohtani has a possibility for a two- to three-year short-term contract, but many experts predict that if his character conditions are met, he will choose a team that can play until retirement.

The most important condition for Ohtani is the winning power. He admitted that Ohtani, who guaranteed pitching and hitting as much as possible when he first stepped on the U.S. soil six years ago and chose a team that had not been through the Western District, small market, or Japanese superstar as the final candidate, is now focused on whether he can become the winner.

Ohtani received unanimous support at the AL MVP announced by the BBWAA National Baseball Reporters Association on the 17th. Second MVP of his career after 2021. Ohtani is the only player in major league history to receive two unanimous MVPs.

In addition, if Ohtani leaves the Angels, he will be the first case in 31 years since Barry Bonds in 1992 to move his team immediately after winning the MVP. Ohtani’s estimated contract size is more than 500 million dollars for 10 years. If the Dodgers propose such conditions, Ohtani is unlikely to consider the amount much.

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