Except For The 40 People Who Made a Lot of Money in Korea

Hanwha recruited new foreign hitter Jonathan Peraza for a total of $1 million about 1.2 billion won, including a down payment of $200,000, an annual salary of $600,000, and an option of $200,000 on the 19th. 사설토토

Peraza from Venezuela is a corner outfielder and right-to-two switch hitter born in 1998. Hanwha is a mid- to long-range hitter who produces strong hits based on his small but solid body shape of 175cm-88kg and fast bat speed. I expect to revitalize the young team’s atmosphere with passionate play style, he said.

The U.S. media Blitzer Nation shed light on Peraza’s trip to Hanwha the next day, saying, Chicago Cubs outfielder Jonathan Peraza is going to Korea. Bleacher Nation said, Peraza was on the verge of being excluded from the Major League Baseball’s 40-man roster. This year, he hit .284 with a .389 slugging percentage in Triple-A of the minor league.Although he showed solid batting performance of 534-130 wRC+ adjusted score productivity, he seemed to need considerable action to deal with the Major League Baseball pitcher, he said. In the end, the Cubs decided to exclude Peraza from the roster, and Peraza became a minor league free agent.

The media expressed the view that Peraza’s exclusion from the 40-member roster would rather be a blessing in disguise. Bleacher Nation said, Peraza will make more money than he earned a 40-man major league roster spot. Going to Korea is a good thing for Peraza, he said. I didn’t make the 40-man roster, but Peraza took the opportunity to play at a high level in other countries and make more money. He will become the youngest foreign player in the KBO League next year. Perhaps going to the KBO was a very strong goal for him, he said.

The ideal scenario for Peraza, who chose an unfamiliar Asian stage at the young age of 25, is to use his success in Hanwha as a stepping stone to become a KBO reverse export case like Merrill Kelly Arizona Diamondbacks and Brooks Raley New York Mets. Bleacher Nation said, Peraza will now be able to win a lot of money over the years in Korea. Since then, attention is focused on whether he will be able to return to the United States.

Peraza, who joined the Chicago Cubs in 2015, was promoted to Triple-A last season and recorded a batting average of .284 with 23 home runs and a slugging percentage of .534 OPS.922 in 121 games. Peraza’s overall record in seven minor league seasons is OPS.811, with a batting average of 272 and 540 hits, 67 home runs, 292 RBIs, and 69 steals in 533 games.

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