“Leaked ex-girlfriend is brother-in-law” Hwang Ui-jo, domestic dispute?…Reason for revelation?

A woman who leaked videos of soccer international Hwang Eui-jo’s private life has been identified as his brother-in-law, and it is reported that the brother-in-law has denied any wrongdoing in a police investigation.

On the 22nd, Hankyoreh reported in an exclusive report that Mr. Hwang’s brother-in-law, Mr. A, denied all allegations in a police investigation, saying, “My phone was hacked and someone else distributed it.”

According to the report, the police said, “There is no possibility of hacking,” in response to Mr. A’s claim. They explained that they investigated the possibility of hacking and found no record of external intrusion.

Earlier, in June, A claimed to be Hwang’s former lover and circulated photos and videos of Hwang and women on social media (SNS).

Mr. Hwang’s brother-in-law, Mr. A, had reportedly been traveling with him on overseas business trips and acting as a de facto manager.

Police are investigating Mr. A for the distribution of the videos and threats.

After learning that the distributor was his brother-in-law, Mr. Hwang expressed his intention not to be punished during the pretrial interrogation (warrant substantive examination) of Mr. A on March 16.

As a result, attention has been focused on Hwang’s relationship with his brother-in-law, the reason for his brother-in-law’s post, his family relationships, and his home life.

Hwang’s family includes his father, mother, and older brother, and his older brother is married to his wife (Hwang’s older sister). It is not known if they have any children together.

Users who have seen this have divided reactions, such as “Does it mean that Hwang Ui-jo and his brother were dating,” “Why did he call her his ex-girlfriend,” “It seems that he is the man-girl of the victimized women,” “Is it a family feud,” “If he continues to hide his identity as an ex-lover and threatens to report it, he will be caught,” etc.

On the same day, on YTN Radio, lawyer Heo Joo-yeon said, “We need to figure out the motive of the crime or how he got this. As of now, it hasn’t even come to the point of making any financial demands. He initially claimed that she was his ex-girlfriend, so he made it sound like she was a very vindictive person who was in a relationship with multiple women and threatened her. I think it’s important to find out what happened in the relationship that led him to do this, and what he wanted from Hwang as a result. It is possible that the motive of the crime is very much related to whether or not he was filming illegally.”

Currently, Hwang has denied the allegations of illegal filming, claiming that he filmed the video consensually. He has also sparked controversy by revealing the victim’s identity, stating that he has so far refrained from responding to the allegations because the woman is a married broadcaster.

In the past, Hwang Uijo was in a public relationship with Tiara’s Hyo Min, but they broke up. 슬롯게이밍

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