Why Korean Air’s pre-match lineup for men’s volleyball is ‘tightly secured’

Tommy Tilikainen, 36, head coach of Korean Air Men’s Volleyball, says it most often in his pre-match interviews.

Tilikainen has been repeating the same phrase for three years now when asked about his expected lineup or whether or not a particular player will start the match, usually an hour before kickoff.

Korean Air players also don’t know if they’ll start until just before the game.

This is because Tilikainen maintains security.

“The official announcement of the starting lineup is made just before (the pre-match interview),” Tilikainen said ahead of 안전카지노사이트 Korean Air’s upcoming match against OK Financial Group at Ansan Sangryoksu Gymnasium in Gyeonggi City.

Even if the coach doesn’t say it, most players know in advance whether they will start or not.

This is because the team is divided into starters and bench players in training.

Korean Air, however, mixes up the starters and bench players in training.

“Even then, the players know who’s going to start about 95 percent of the time,” Tilikainen laughs.

The reason Korean Air doesn’t reveal the starters until the last minute is because of the unknown.

The idea is to avoid having to deal with unforeseen circumstances such as injuries or poor form.

One of the objectives is to increase training focus.

“We don’t decide (selection) in training,” says Tilikainen. “We don’t decide (on selection) in training, so it’s also a way of saying to the players, ‘Show me in training,'” he explains.

Tilikainen added that in the past, he has announced starters just before the whistle blew.

“We had a player who was overly nervous. If I told him in advance that he was going to start, he would be too nervous, so I waited until the last minute to tell him,” he said. 카지노사이트

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