Kim Min-jae Overworked Himself Klinsmann: I Will Want to Play

 While concerns were raised in Germany about mistreatment of Kim Min-jae, coach Jurgen Klinsmann hinted at his participation.

When asked about Kim Min-jae’s physical condition and participation plans at a press conference held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium a day before the 2026 FIFA North and Central America World Cup Asia Regional 2nd Qualifying Group C first match against Singapore, Coach Klinsmann said

Kim Min-jae is also playing.

You will want to do it,” he replied.

On this day, German media outlet Sport 1 raised concerns about mistreatment, saying, “Kim Min-jae is unable to rest.

Kim Min-jae played full-time in 14 consecutive games until the game against Heidenheim on the 11th.  스포츠토토

There are only three central defenders in the first team, and with Dayot Upamecano and Matthias Dericht alternately injured

the weight placed on Kim Min-jae has increased.

Coach Klinsmann said, “When a player is most tired is when he lands after a 12-hour flight,” and added, “On the first day after a long flight, we did light recovery training indoors.

After resting for about 30 minutes, the player will be able to recover when he comes to training the next day.

I am ready (to play). It feels good as a player to play in 5 consecutive games (2nd qualifier), but I don’t feel good when I just train.

The World Cup qualifier is a game I want to play in.

Kim Min-jae won’t want to rest either. “He said

He then responded to the report, saying, “I think the German media wrote the article that way because they also have to write articles.”

On this day, captain Son Heung-min attended the press conference along with coach Klinsmann. 

Coach Klinsmann and Son Heung-min agreed, saying, “We will not let down our guard and play seriously.”

Klinsmann said, “I think it’s a very important day. T

he World Cup qualifiers are quite a long journey. We need to start well.

I know that tomorrow is an important day for Korean test takers.

I hope that both Son Heung-min and I will have good results in the evening.

I think it would be good if you watch our game.”

Son Heung-min “We are playing in Sangam, and I think the start is important in the World Cup qualifiers.

I will prepare well and play a good game.

I don’t think there is an easy game in soccer.

Such an upset will never happen in Korea.

I don’t think it should happen.

The players are also preparing well.

The atmosphere is quite good.

We had been unable to produce results, but we played well in the last convocation and achieved good results.

I am very looking forward to tomorrow’s game. Players.

I will also participate in the game with a sense of responsibility.

As the coach said, I hope that the students will not be scared tomorrow and take the test in good condition without being nervous.

It may be good to leave it up to the players, but there are concerns that there may be no details

Son Heung-min “The word freedom can depend on how you think about it. You may think we don’t have detail

but if we didn’t have detail, we couldn’t score many goals in the previous games.

When the players said, ‘freedom’ is inside. Detailed or promised plays are missing.

We have many talented players, so playing like that is our biggest weapon. What the coach considers important is the basics.

Many people think that if we play freely, we won’t play delicately.

I don’t think it will happen, but the coach trusts the players that much. I think playing freely is our team’s biggest weapon.”

“I don’t think I’ll go all the way to the end (finals).

I’ll try to do my best in my current position.

I’m a person who lives in the present, not the past or the future.

The two upcoming games I’m thinking about how to prepare.

There are quite a few young players in the national team. I’m trying to share my experience and what I know with the players, and they seem to be accepting it well.

The journey to the World Cup is really long. You can’t just take a good path.

There are times when you fall on a good path, or you can go down a thorny path.

I think players with a lot of good experience should protect us well.

I think this is a team that can show a good performance until the second and final preliminaries, so we will prepare well for the preliminaries. want.”

: “I never think of them as an underdog.

I went to Singapore and watched a professional team match in person and saw them defeating a strong Korean team.

I felt like it was a warning to the national team.

Of course we would win. Rather than thinking about it, I think seriously.

Singapore is a team that can score from set pieces or counterattacks.

The coaching staff has completed their homework on the opposing team.

We will be more serious and serious than ever before.

The Singapore team has come to Sangam. “I welcome you, but I will

play the game seriously and seriously.

Son Heung-min “My team played a pre-season game with the Singapore team (Lion City). Although I only played in the first half, we tied 1-1.

The reason is that at that time, I was in a situation where I was putting my body on the line. However, the game ended 1-1 against Tottenham.

While playing, I thought, ‘There are definitely threatening players out there.’ That’s why I think I need to work sincerely and execute the basic instructions given by the coach well.”

“I talk a lot with the players.

Even though they are in great condition with their team, in Korea they don’t have much time to train due to things like adjusting to jet lag.

We talk a lot with each other. I don’t think there is anything I need to do. .

Heechan, Kangin, all the players are in good condition and have good skills.

I think it is my role to create as much space as possible for those players to play well.

Of course, (if I have to take responsibility), I take responsibility first.

I may lose, but my role is to help these players do their best and make the plays they want to play.

Of course, I have to do my best and lead by example as the captain, but these players are the players who will lead Korean soccer.

I talk about these things a lot. Not just the strikers.

I try to talk to the midfielders and defenders as much as possible.”

“The most tired time for a player is when he lands after a 12-hour flight. On the first day after the long flight, he did light recovery training indoors.

If you rest for about 30 minutes, the player will recover and be ready when he comes to training the next day.

Playing in 5 games in a row is a good feeling as a player, but it is not good to just train.

World Cup qualifiers are a game you want to play in, so take a break. “You probably don’t want it. Kim Min-jae probably does too.

I think the German media also wrote articles like that because they have to write articles. I met him

today and he showed a very happy smile. It’s his birthday.

After today’s training, I’m going back and giving him a cake.”

I don’t think I have good leadership.

But I try to maintain a good relationship with the players and the players try to talk a lot, so I think that’s how I see it in the national team as well.

I am very fortunate to have been the captain for a long time and to be training with such good players.

I feel the weight of being captain of the national team is quite significant.

I have experienced many captains since I was a child on the national team.

I felt a lot from my older brothers and seniors. Jisung Lee hyung, Seongyong hyung, Jacheol hyung.

They are all different characters.

What I always said is that the weight of captaincy is heavy.

What I do becomes the image of the Korean national team.

If I do well, the Korean national team does well, and if I do poorly, Korea performs poorly.

The captain of the national team no longer thinks only about his own performance.

When I was young, I thought, ‘I just need to worry about my performance and if I do well, my older brothers will take care of it.’

But now, I think about how to take care of the players who are not playing . . The team is the same.

(The captaincy position) is a big deal and an honor.

However, it is a position that requires a lot of pressure and responsibility.

I think that being the captain of the national team since I was young has helped my team.

The team, I think it makes my job as captain easier because there are players with good character on the national team.

I am grateful to the players I play with.

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