‘Choking Ball’ Choi Sung-won wins fans over with sticky ‘winning billiards’ appeal


His opponents may feel this way. It’s not flashy, but it feels like a ‘big wall’ has been erected. Choi Sung Won-sik’s billiards, which envelops and suffocates the opponent’s tempo and rhythm, is captivating fans.

Choi Sung-won (Huon’s), who has a glittering career that includes being the first Korean player to reach the World 3 Cushion Ranking, defeated ‘Vietnam’s’ Nguyen Quoc Nguyen (Hana Card) 3-1 in the quarterfinals of the NHCard PBA Championship, the sixth tour of the professional billiards PBA, held at the Kintex PBA Stadium in Goyang, Gyeonggi-do, on Thursday.

Choi, who won his first professional title in the previous event, can now look forward to winning back-to-back titles.

After struggling in his season debut, Choi rattled off 12 straight wins, including seven in a row in his last tournament and five in a row in this one.

Two more wins would give him a second podium finish.

The night’s match between Choi and Nguyen drew a lot of attention from fans, with more than 31,000 people watching on YouTube. 카지노사이트777

Choi’s average (1.767) in the upset win was solid, with eight high-run points.

In contrast, Nguyen’s final average of 1.069 was extremely low, as he took the first set in seven games with a high average of two points.

Nguyen’s rhythm, which started with seven high runs in the first set, crashed in sets two through four.

Experts attribute this to Choi’s ability to control the game.

“Choi Sung-won is naturally a good player,” said Nam Do-yeol, an advisor to Phoebe.

He is calm and good at game management.

He attacks and defends thoroughly and calmly, so it’s hard for opponents who can’t do what they want.

His pace makes it difficult for opponents who can’t control the game.”

Choi’s style of billiards is not flashy. He doesn’t move fast.

He doesn’t play fast, but he plays slowly and consistently in his own style without changing his expression.

Fans love his flashy hits, but experts appreciate his steady play, where he puts pressure on his opponents to squeeze their breathing room and thinks about the position of the next ball.

“You do everything you can to attack, but you also think about defense in terms of the number of cases,” says Nam Do-yeol.

In terms of foreign players, Marco Zanetti has that style.

Fans may like offensive billiards, but experts evaluate it as high-level billiards.”

Indeed, Choi gradually encircled Nguyen, closing out the second set in 11 games (15-5) in what was the first upset of the day.

The third set (15-8) also went to nine games, taking away his opponent’s tempo.

Choi Sung-won faces defending Pro One champion Choi Won-joon in the quarterfinals.

The battle between Choi Sung-won, who is known for his ability to make his opponents scapegoats, and Choi Won-joon, who is a battle-hardened field player, promises to be a close one.

Fans are eagerly anticipating whether Choi Sung-won will continue to choke or whether the high run specialist will unleash a barrage of hits.

In the fourth set, Nguyen had his best offensive performance, including eight high runs, to reach 15 points (3.750 average) in four innings, and the fans saw the appeal of his winning pool game.

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