Woodbine Inc. Reminds Stakes Nomination Deadline

Most recently, Woodbine Entertainment released a press release to remind equestrian that the deadline for nominating key stakes in 2023 is approaching. 바카라사이트 Ontario’s largest horse racing operator has urged the company to complete nominations for equity events such as the Pepsi North American Cup, Mohawk Million and others at Woodbine Mohawk Park before Wednesday, February 15, 2023.

Woodbine Entertainment’s Standardbread track has another exciting season ahead of it, as it will have millions of wallets throughout the calendar year. There will be more than C$15 million for the thrilling Stakes event. Horsebackers should be aware that Stakes payments for all events managed by Woodbine can also be made via SC Stakes Online.

In its most recent statement, the horse racing operator urged that payments sent by mail must be postmarked no later than February 15, 2023, or they will not be accepted. Registered mail is also recommended. More information about the group’s Standard Bread Steak program and its conditions and forms can be found online at woodbine.com/mohawk .

Nominations for major events such as PepsiCo North American Cup, Mohawk Million, Ambro Flight, Canadian Pacing Derby, Canadian Trot Classic, Casual Breeze, Eternal Camnation, Pan Hanover, Good Times, Maple Leaf Trot, Metro Face, Milton, Nasagawaya, Peaceful Way, Rose Is Red, Seas a Great Lady, Sombeach Somewhere, and William Wellwood Memorial close this Wednesday.

Wednesday also marks the end of nominations for new events. This includes the Ontario Seed Graduate Series for Face & Trot for 4-year-olds and the recently announced New Holland Pacing & Trotting Series for non-winners of CA$150,000 in 2022. The latter competes at the Campbellville track in March, featuring two CA$30,000 reserve legs and a CA$60,000 extra prize final.

In addition, nominations for various stakes in several Ontario racetracks will also be suspended. The Battle of Waterloo and Bells are played at Grand River Racecourse, including the Charles Juravinsky Memorial Cup at Flamboro Downs, balanced images and dreams of glory at Hanover Racecourse, and the Keen Face at Clinton Racecourse

At the start of the new year, Woodbine Entertainment announced the full schedule for the 2023 Stakes season. The Pepsi North American Cup for the three – year – old pacer will be held on June 17, 2023. The elimination of the event will take place a week ago. The card includes 450,000 Canadian dollars Pan Hanover, 330,000 Canadian dollars rose red, 250,000 Canadian dollars Ambro Flight, 250,000 Canadian dollars Goodtime, and 100,000 Mohawk Gold Cup Invitational.

Meanwhile, the Mohawk Million will be held on Saturday, September 23, 2023. Again, the one million Canadian dollar race for the two-year-old trotter will be held in a buy-in format with nine slots available. Each slot is priced at C$100,000, with the 10th and final slot determined by the winner of the C$665,000 Willian Wellwood Memorial.

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