N’Ghanoue puts Fury down with a left hook…Fury wins a close 2-1 decision.

N’Ghanou dominated their 10-round fight at the Kingdom Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on Monday (Sept. 29), knocking Fury down once and virtually controlling the fight.

The judges scored the bout 2-1 in Fury’s favor. Two judges scored the bout 95-94 and 96-93 in Fury’s favor. The other saw it 95-94 in favor of Nganu.

When the scores were announced, the crowd booed.

The reaction was overwhelmingly unacceptable.

Fury was embarrassed and unable to celebrate.

Nganu had a look of disbelief on his face when the result was announced, but he quickly conceded and congratulated Fury.

It was almost an upset.

No one was expecting Nganu to beat Fury because of the match itself.

Some even predicted that Nganu wouldn’t be able to hit Fury at all.

But Nganu was much stronger than expected.

Nganu, who had never boxed before this fight, struggled with Fury’s speed early on.

After taking a few light punches in the first round, the area around his eye slowly began to swell.

After an evenly contested second round, Nganu made a surprise move in the third.

As Fury closed the distance to land a flurry of punches, Nganu swung a powerful left hook.

The counter punch connected with the back of Fury’s head.

Fury collapsed to the ring floor, still in shock.

N’Ghanou, who had never boxed before, had just knocked out Fury, who is considered the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time.

Fury immediately got back to his feet, but N’Ghanu continued to press forward.

In the fourth round, N’Ghanu continued to aggressively attack. 바카라사이트

After the knockdown, Puryear avoided head-to-head combat and circled the perimeter, focusing on outboxing.

Fury threw punches from a distance with determination, and N’Ghanoue was unable to get in close enough.

Late in the fight, Nganu’s stamina waned and he couldn’t keep digging in.

Fury focused on circling outside and throwing his jab

Heading into the final 10 rounds, the crowd was chanting “Francis, Francis.

After the 10th round, the mood in the ring was one of anticipation for a N’Ghanu victory. However, the scores showed a victory for Fury.

Fury was not happy with the close decision.

The crowd continued to boo.

“That was the toughest fight I’ve had in the last 10 years,” said Fury, who remained undefeated (34-1, 24 KOs) with the narrow victory. “He’s a great fighter, he’s strong, he has a great punch, I have a lot of respect for him,” he said in the post-fight interview.

Nganu, on the other hand, accepted the result instead of expressing dissatisfaction with the decision.

“Fury is a much better fighter than me,” he said, “I only had three and a half months of training camp and I came here with an injury, but I don’t want to make excuses.”

“I need to improve my performance so that I can come back better,” he said. “I’ll see what I can do next. I’m ready to compete in boxing,” he emphasized.

Meanwhile, Fury faced off with current three-division heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk (Ukraine) in the ring after the fight.

“My next fight will be for the unification title against Usyk,” Fury said.

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