KBO to introduce automated ball-and-strike system starting next year

The KBO will introduce an automatic ball-strike system (ABS) and a pitch clock (time limit for pitching and hitting) starting next year.

In order to provide fans with a fairer and more exciting game, we will use the automatic ball-strike system and pitch clock from the 2024 season,” the baseball commissioner announced on Monday.

Baseball Korea held its fourth board meeting the previous day (Nov. 18) and decided to introduce the automatic ball judgment system and pitch clock next year and build related facilities and systems.

The move is part of the “Level Up Project,” which was announced in July to improve the league’s performance and provide greater satisfaction to baseball fans through system improvements.

Over the past four years, since 2020, Baseball America has advanced the automated ball judgment system in the Futures League, improving the accuracy and consistency of balls and strikes and reducing the time it takes for umpires to make decisions.

We have also shared the improvements with each team through the Executive Committee and others.

Baseball America believes that the system will help ensure that all pitchers and batters receive the same strike zone calls, making the game fairer.

The pitch clock is a new rule that was introduced to Major League Baseball (MLB) this year.

Pitchers have a set amount of time to pitch, and batters have to be ready to hit.

In Major League Baseball, pitchers have 15 seconds to throw a ball with no runners on base and 20 seconds with runners in scoring position. 카지노사이트777

The batter has 30 seconds to step up to the plate, and 7 seconds to prepare to hit with no runners on base and 12 seconds with runners in scoring position.

“The introduction of the pitch clock this season has shaved an average of 26 minutes off a game,” according to MLB.com, “and it’s helping players stay healthy and avoid fatigue.”

Baseball Korea is reviewing the pitch clock based on detailed metrics such as the average pitch interval between pitches, the average number of strike attempts, and when batters are ready to hit.

“We have comprehensively analyzed the changes in game duration in the major leagues with pitch clocks, changes in game indicators such as stolen bases, and spectator satisfaction,” said an official from the baseball commission.

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