Daejeon Yusung-gu West FC wins K5 League for the third consecutive year: “Faith” is the reason

Daejeon Yuseong-gu West FC won the K5 Greater Seoul Area Division League for the third consecutive year.

The final round of the K5 League 스포츠토토 was held at Anyeong-dong soccer field in Daejeon on the 15th. Daejeon Yusung-gu Western FC, which had been leading the league with nine wins in nine matches, won the match once again and secured the title of the K5 Greater Seoul Area Division League.

Western FC was founded in 2001, but has only been a member of the Daejeon Metropolitan Association for seven years. They’ve been competing in the division since 2019 and were promoted straight to the K6 League. They won the K6 League in 2020 and have been competing in the K5 League for three years since 2021.

Western FC also has the top scorer in the K5 Greater Area League. It’s Lee Ji-hwan, the No. 10, who has scored 13 goals in seven games. “My teammates’ skills are so good that they make it easy for me to score goals. I think that’s why I made good use of it and it led to my goal,” he said, explaining his goal.

In the 2021 Championship, Western FC finished in third place, and in the 2022 Championship, they were eliminated in the first round. “We have so many good players on the team,” said Lee. If we keep doing the same, I think we can win the Championship this season,” said Lee.

“Today’s game was focused on the players who haven’t played much in the past,” said Kim Bongguk, Honorary Chairman and General Manager of Western FC. I’m grateful that they played so hard.”

Western FC won the championship without a single loss in 10 rounds. Coach Kim Bong-guk said, “Our team is very united. We don’t get complacent when we do well, but rather work harder. We are very focused on each other for the sake of our teammates,” said Kim.

He also said, “As a coach, I don’t think my contribution is big. I trust my teammates as much as possible,” he said, adding, “I don’t use any special tactics.” “The only tactic I use is faith. It’s not arrogance, it’s faith in yourself,” he said.

“We don’t play soccer for a living, so we run the team with the idea of protecting our families first. Therefore, the wives of the players also support and love the team,” he said, explaining that “whenever there is a big competition, the wives and children come and participate together.”

When asked about the future goals of WESTERN FC, which started in the K7 League and has experienced two promotions to the K5 League, he said, “We have all kinds of ambitions, but the players’ families are the most important, so we want to set goals after discussing them. The first goal is to win the championship. After that, if a promotion system to the K4 League is introduced and the players want it, I would like to challenge it.”

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