Its Worth of a Gold Medal? 10 Billion

As soon as the Hwangseonhong finished cruising, the Klinsmann started up. 

The winning team members joined the team just one day after returning home, and the seniors received the full energy of winning the gold medal.

It’s only been one day since they returned from winning the gold medal

but the athletes smiled brightly and showed no sign of fatigue. 바카라사이트

Unlike Lee Kang-in and Seol Young-woo, who smiled shyly in front of their fans, Jung Woo-young

who was the tournament’s top scorer, scored eight goals with his hands and reenacted the ceremony..

I was filled with joy as I took out the gold medal that I had already put in my pocket.

Hong Hyun-seok, who silenced the Chinese fans with his ceremony during the China game, is extremely envious of his friend.

Hong Hyun-seok/Football team:

I tried to do it (like Jung Woo-young), but it was a bit difficult to put it in the suitcase and take it out again, so I just did it. I lost the gold medal case, so it’s in my suitcase.

Captain Son Heung-min encouraged his juniors who were happy.

Son Heung-min/National Soccer Team:

Congratulations. Fighting.

The players are determined to carry on the energy of the gold medal with the national team.

Seol Young-woo/National Soccer Team:

I think I will gain strength again when I go home and see the gold medal after two consecutive warm-up games.

(The value of the gold medal) I myself think about 10 billion won.]

Hong Hyun-seok/National Soccer Team:

I have never been satisfied with myself while playing for the National Team A, so this time I want to play a game that I can be satisfied with.] Congratulations today . 

The national soccer team, which began training with applause, will prepare for the North and Central America World Cup qualifiers next month through two warm-up matches, starting with the match against Tunisia four days later.

Hwang Hee-chan, who scored a valuable goal against Aston Villa

boarded the plane immediately after the game and will join the national team tonight.

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