2 Hours 35 Seconds New World Record 100m Continues at 17 Seconds

A new men’s marathon world record has been set.

I think the 2 hour mark will break down soon, right?

This is the Chicago Marathon.

Kenya’s Kiftum took the lead from the middle.

At first glance, the speed is very fast, right?

After a last-minute spurt, 2 hours and 35 seconds!

This is a new world record, beating the previous record by 34 seconds. 스포츠토토

It’s a record that requires consistently running 100m in 17 seconds, isn’t it really amazing?

There are now 36 seconds until the 2 hour barrier!

I’m looking forward to 23-year-old Kiftum’s next race.

Next we go to the LPGA Tour.

Kim Hyo-joo, who had been in the lead for three days

reduced two more strokes on the last day to win her first win of the season.

His colleagues also congratulate him by spraying champagne.

This is the taste of winning, right?

It has been a top play so far.

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