“I won’t let them fence me in” Chun Cheong-jo allegedly confined, assaulted student victim of sexual misconduct

Jeon Cheong-jo (27), the remarried partner of Nam Hyun-hee (42), a former national fencer, is suspected of confining and threatening a student who was sexually harassed by Nam Hyun-hee’s fencing academy.

We confirmed this through multiple sources, including the victim’s relatives and witnesses.

“Jeon Cheong-jo dragged the student into his car and threatened her, saying, ‘If I say one word, I will make sure that you will not be able to fence in the unemployment team (after high school) or anywhere else,'” said A, the student.

“He (Jeon Cheong-jo) took his cell phone away from him in a closed car (and threatened him).

The student was so scared that he ran away and collapsed,” said Mr. B, a relative of the victim.

Eyewitness C, a parent of a competitor, said, “Suddenly, the competition officials and the medical team ran outside.

A girl was lying in a flower bed, shaking.

A blue jay was standing three to four meters away, burning an e-cigarette and looking at her as if it wasn’t his business.”

Jeon’s alleged confinement and intimidation took place on July 2 at the 61st National Men’s and Women’s Fencing Championships in Jecheon, North Chungcheong Province.

The student complained of being sexually harassed by Coach D of Nam Hyun-hee Academy. The victim’s mother complained to the academy twice, once in December 2022 and again in June.

The student competed for a high school in Seoul that she had transferred to, but had been taking private lessons at Nam Hyun-hee Academy for a long time.

Coach D, who had sexually harassed her, was also present at the scene, and both parents and school officials were concerned about her safety.

However, when the student left to use the restroom and did not return for quite some time, her mother called her on her cell phone.

Her mother then called the police, who found the student lying in a flower bed.

“Suddenly, a police car arrived, and the girl was picked up and taken away in an ambulance,” recalled Mr.

E, an eyewitness from the local school’s fencing team.

The fencing club Nam Hyun-hee ran under her name in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

It is now closed.

Initially, the suspicion was that Coach D had sexually harassed her, but the student mentioned Jeon’s confinement and threats.

Mr. B, the victim, said, “He threatened me for more than five minutes while burning a cigarette in the car.

I was terrified in a closed space and ran away and collapsed.”

“I was hyperventilating.

I took an ambulance to Taro Hospital.”

The victimized students complained directly to Nam Hyun-hee.

“I asked her why she didn’t come to Nam Hyun-hee’s academy for private lessons (after transferring from high school),” he said, adding, “She took her cell phone and made me unlock the password.”

The student’s mother called her, but her daughter didn’t answer.

In addition to this, when the student’s parents requested separation from the molesting coach in June, it was clear that they wanted to make it a non-issue. Coach D was found dead in early July.

Officials from the Jecheon Police Station received the student’s statement at the hospital, and they mainly asked for a statement about the confinement and intimidation of Jeon Cheong-jo at the scene.

However, after listening to the entire incident, the official recommended that the student should file a report in the jurisdiction of the victim’s residence if she wanted to complain about Coach D’s sexual harassment in addition to Jeon’s confinement and intimidation. 바카라사이트

In response, the victim’s parents filed a complaint against Coach D for sexual harassment, and the Yongsan Police Department investigated.

“The parents of the victims planned to report Nam Hyun-hee for aiding and abetting and Jeon Cheong-jo for confinement and intimidation, but the lawyer said that due to Coach D’s suicide, Nam Hyun-hee’s aiding and abetting could not be punished, and Jeon Cheong-jo’s confinement and intimidation would only result in a fine,” Ahn said.

The parents of the students did not press charges against Jeon because they thought it would be ineffective.

Mr. B, whose child is a beginner fencer, said, “At the time, Mr. Jeon’s status in the academy was great.

At the parents’ meeting, he suggested that Coach D (after firing him) be replaced by an army officer, and the parents accepted it.”

In response, we tried to reach him on his cell phone, but the person who answered said, “I don’t know what you’re calling about.

I’m not obligated to reveal who I am.”

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