World’s First X-RAY Type Uniform Appears

Last month, Orlando Pirates FC, a member of the South African Premier Division, unveiled a new uniform for the upcoming 2023/24 season. 스포츠토토핫 Orlando Pirates’ team logo has a skeleton, which is applied to the uniform.

The new uniform was designed by famous South African designer Tebe Maguogu. Magugu represented a skeleton in a maze on the uniform. Soccer Bible, a media outlet that deals with uniforms around the world, said, The uniform looks like an X-ray.

Designer Magugu said, I felt it was important to listen to Orlando Pirates before I started designing. To fight back to be recognized in world sports. This is why I treated the iconic skull logo with a maze, he explained.

It had a deep meaning, but the fans were not satisfied. Immediately after the uniform was released, fans said on the team’s social network service SNS account, I’m embarrassed enough. They responded negatively, such as Don’t post uniforms anymore, I didn’t expect to be so annoyed by uniforms, and “I’m not going to buy uniforms this season.

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