Hangzhou AG Test Stand Breaking Team, WDSF World Series Sortie

Hangzhou AG test stand… Breaking Team, WDSF World Series sortie

Head coach Jeong Hyeong-sik

“A preliminary match to achieve good results in the Asian Games”

Paris Olympics

Ranking points required for next year’s Paris Olympics qualifying round are also taken. 카지노사이트원

“With the goal of the upcoming Asian Games in Hangzhou,

I will do my best and come back.”

The Korean breaking national team, which is set to secure qualification for next year’s Paris Olympics,

departed for Portugal via Incheon International Airport on the morning of the 27th.

Breaking national team, led by coach Jung Hyeong-sik (Sick),

will participate in the 2023 World Dance Sports Federation (WDSF) World Series held in Porto,

Portugal on the 30th and 31st.

In Korea, B-boy Park In-soo (KILL) and Kim Hong-yeol (Hong10) and B-girl Jeon Ji-ye (Freshbella),

Kwon Seong-hee (Starry), and Kim Ye-ri (YELL) will all mobilize.

Asian Breaking Championships

Instead of Kim Heon-woo (Wing), who won the 2023 WDSF Asian Breaking Championships held in Hangzhou,

China last month and confirmed his advance to the Olympic Qualifier Series (OQS),

the Olympic qualifier, Kim Jong-ho (Leon)

will scramble to secure additional qualifying tickets.

Coach Jung Hyeong-sik expressed his determination, saying,

“I will focus on the Asian Games in Hangzhou next month and compete at the level of pace check.”

“I will do my best as much as I have prepared.”

Coach Jeong

As Coach Jeong said, “I had about a day to adjust my condition in the aftermath of a sudden four-hour flight delay,

but I will prepare well by doing recovery exercises locally.”

I will be included in the World Championships in Belgium.”

The eldest brother Kim Hong-yeol said,

“This tournament is important in that we started the season late and couldn’t participate in many competitions compared to other players,

we have to accumulate points in order to participate in the OQS, an Olympic qualifier.”

We prepared to make full use of technology evenly,” he said.

Park In-soo

Its Park In-soo explained, “I personally found it hard to believe the result of last month’s Hangzhou Asian Breaking Championships (18th place),

but I thought about it and made up for what I lacked.”

Jeon Ji-ye, who recently recovered from a new coronavirus infection (Corona 19), said,

“After this tournament, there is only one World Series left.”

I will take it seriously,” he said.

Kwon Seong-hee

As Kwon Seong-hee, who said,

“My desire to be in the top 3 is like a chimney”,

“It seems that my impatience is still revealed on stage.

I will take a little more time and find my own charms that I can show other than my skills.”

After showing the OQS, he revealed his plan to enter the World Championships,

where 5 tickets are required.

World Series

The World Series is a tournament where you can accumulate

the most Olympic qualifying points among the WDSF competitions.

16 direct tickets to the finals of the Paris Olympics next year 1 winner of the competition and 5 winners of the continental championships will go first.

In Asia, the winner of the Asian Games in Hangzhou,

which will be held in September, will go directly to the Olympics.

Olympic Qualifier

The remaining 10 tickets will be distributed through OQS, an Olympic qualifier.

Participation in OQS In order to do so, one of the remaining schedules must be met:

▲ 2nd to 6th in the World Championships

▲ 2nd in the Hangzhou Asian Games

▲ 14th in the WDSF rankings.

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