New KCC trio Jeon Jun-beom, Heo Woong, and Choi Jun-yong have great chemistry on and off the court

Busan KCC has a new trio. Jeon Jun-beom (32), Heo Woong (30), and Choi Jun-yong (29) are known for their off-court bickering but on-court chemistry. The three played together as students at Yonsei University and reunited at KCC. 카지노 They set the tone for the entire team during the off-season. They have also taken up golf and spend a lot of time together. However, when asked about their relationship, they are busy “dissing” each other. Although they pretend not to, the three spend a lot of time together.

Before the team’s training session at Aichi Meiden High School in Nagoya, Japan, on the 11th, coach Jeon Chang-jin said, “It’s fun to see the three of them together. We played screen golf with the three of them, who are learning to play golf for the first time, and it was hilarious. But it’s different when they’re on the court,” he said. “The addition of Choi Jun-yong, who has a variety of talents, including good speed and excellent passing, has revitalized Heo Woong and Jeon Jun-beom at the same time. We love the combination of the three of them.” “This will give us a lot of ideas as we prepare for the new season.”

Choi joined KCC as a free agent in May this year. He is a great atmosphere maker. Along with Heo Woong, he actively communicates with the coaching staff. Heung also joined KCC as a free agent last year. Since last year, Heo has played a big role between the coaching staff and the players, helping Choi settle in. Outside of the training center, Heo often posts videos of himself and Choi together online to show off their friendship.

All three have a clear goal. The team wants to win. KCC has invested heavily in strengthening its roster in recent years, bringing in some big-name talent. Jeon Jun-beom, Heo Woong, and Choi Jun-yong all moved to the team as free agents. As such, all three have a lot of responsibility for the team’s performance. They are determined to take KCC to the top of the league this season.

Jeon Jun-beom, the eldest of the three, said, “Personally, I want to play all the regular season games without any injuries as I have been suffering from frequent injuries. The off-season preparation is going well. I was able to complete all of my off-season training without getting sick. My biggest goal is to help the team win the championship.” When asked about their relationship, Jeon Jun-beom said, “When we are together, there is no rest. They keep talking. We’re like chicks. When (Choi) Junyong came, the team atmosphere became brighter and better. Thanks to him, we have fun and get along well,” he laughed.

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