Lotto Max’s 70 Million Canadian Dollar Jackpot Survives Another Draw

Lotto Max’s multi-million dollar winnings worth C$7,000,000 on Friday, October 7, 2022 have now survived another week. 릴게임사이트 However, many compensations were still claimed among the country’s states. For example, several Max Million wins worth C$1 million went to Ontario and Quebec ticket holders in the draw.

Lotto Max, perhaps the most popular lottery game in Canada, offered its many players a huge cash payment. As it is now, the prize money could reach an astonishing maximum of 70 million Canadian dollars. And once the major prize money exceeds 50 million Canadian dollars, players can also compete for the Max Million Award, and if they don’t win, they can go to the next draw.

On Friday, October 7, 2022, Lotto Max held its second draw for the week with a main prize of C$7 million. For another week, Jackpot continues to avoid players, as no ticket holder in the country matched the winning combination. However, the Ontario Lottery and Game Company said there are pretty cool wins registered throughout the province.

The Crown Company announced in its final draw that it had awarded a total of six Max Million prizes in Ontario. Five of the winning tickets went to Simcoe County, Halliburton and Muscoca areas, York area, Scarborough and Brampton. The last winner bought a ticket online. Each of these ticket holders can now receive an amazing payment of C$1 million.

However, it is not all won. According to OLG, encore tickets worth CA$1 million were sold in the York area. In addition, tickets worth $500,000 were registered in Prince Edward Hastings County and North York, Toronto, respectively. There are also other prizes that have won up to C$100,000 for Newmarket, Huron and Norfolk counties.

Meanwhile, Roto Quebec reported winning three Max Millions worth C$1 million each in different parts of Quebec. Players must check their tickets for the final draw. And the next draw on Tuesday, October 11, 2022, will feature a $7 million Canadian jackpot and 58,000 Max Million, so those who don’t win should not be discouraged.

So far this year, Canada has seen it claim the largest amount of prize money from Lotto Max. For example, in January, 54-year-old Manoharan von Nuturai from Brampton, Ontario, paid his prize money in cash. He received an amazing prize after choosing the quick pick option from his ticket for the draw on December 17, 2021. With the money, he plans to travel around the world.

Later this year, in addition to Mr. Ponuturai, Quebec also received a prize of C$70 million. The winner’s name this time is Marcel Lucier and he is from Brossard, Montreal. He explains that he wants to help entrepreneurs rebuild Ukraine. And as a treat for himself and his wife, he wants them to go on a cruise together because the previous one didn’t come true.

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