ALC AND IWG INK Omnichannel Games Partnership

Once again, the Atlantic Lottery Company is already working to expand its impressive iGaming service. 카지노 This week, Crown Company announced that it has entered into a collaborative agreement with Instant Win Gaming. This would allow the latter to develop omnichannel content for the crown agency and many Atlantic players.

The Atlantic Lottery Company is a state-run organization that oversees four Atlantic regions of Canada and provides regulated gambling and lottery entertainment. Operations allow you to reinvest all proceeds in the states of New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador and their essential services.

As part of the deal, Instant Win Gaming will be tasked with developing omnichannel games for the Atlantic Lottery Company’s players. The game vendor will now produce some of the e-Instant titles with retail instant tickets and pull tabs for ALC. The first title to be adopted through this plan will be Super Cash Buster.

Robert Lalond, ALC director at iGaming, noted that Crown Company is keen to produce new omnichannel games with providers. He went on to say that ALC players don’t see retail lotteries and iRottery as different products, but rather as different sales channels. He thanked IWG for helping Crown with its ongoing efforts to increase retail and online offerings.

Super Cash Buster will be Crown’s first redesigned title, and the game has been quite popular among Atlantic players over the past few years. Previously, the title was printed as a physical ticket by Crown’s partner Scientific Games. After the new deal, IWG will re-create more lottery titles, including Protector’s Gold, which debuted as a full-tap product.

IWG CEO Rydian Fisher thanked ALC for the opportunity. He explained that over the past 20 years, it has become quite common for lottery tickets to ask companies to produce e-Instant in printed versions. He also notes that it is equally common for lottery tickets to ask supply partners to produce games that incorporate proven IWG brands.

In addition to its partnership with ALC, Instant Win Gaming was also acquired as a partner by the British Columbia Lottery Company. The two shook hands in 2018 when they first signed a partnership. And in 2021, BCLC became the fifth North American lottery to introduce IWG’s innovative instant jackpot technology. This offer is now available on Crown’s PlayNow platform.

Later in May 2021, BCLC awarded the contract extension to the leading e-Instant provider. With this extension, the two companies will work together until at least 2026 and entertain local players. In addition, the vendor’s instant game content will continue to flow into Crown’s official platform through the vendor’s innovative remote game server, InstantsRGS.

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