Bellvix Reveals Two Slot Machine Games At Chicken Ranch Casino

Velvix first introduced two entirely new slot machine games at the chicken ranch casino in Jamestown, California. The themes of ‘West Wanted’ and ‘Battlemania’ are in the latest game releases.

Putting Velvix’s games on the floor comes a year before Tribe opens a large resort. The game has previously appeared in several regions, including California and Oklahoma.

The area is located between Modesto City and Yosemite National Park, attracting both locals and overseas visitors. With fascinating theme songs and fun cowboy-themed gameplay, ‘West Wanted’ takes players to the Wild West. The Western-themed entertainment includes ‘endless jackpot wheel features’ and free spins at bars.

In “Battle Mania “, players play the role of ” bull “, fighting against multiple bosses, earning credits and winning significant victories, recalling arcade fighting games from the 1980s and 1990s.

Christophe Phipps, gaming director at Chicken Ranch Casino, said: “We were immediately fascinated by Velvix’s game themes, especially West Wanted and Battle Mania. They speak very well about our audience and where we are. We are excited to build relationships with new manufacturers, especially since we are launching a new resort in 2024.”

Chris Wieners, managing director of Velvix, said. “The whole team at Chicken Ranch Casino has been supporting us as a new manufacturer. Their interest in working together to try new themes and build a slot footprint is surprisingly interesting. I look forward to having a long-term relationship with their tribe.”

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