Lee Jung-hoo Glove-Sighing as he packed his hat, SF shoulder dislocation specified

Lee Jung-hoo started as a leadoff center fielder in a home game against the Cincinnati Reds at Oracle Park on the 13th (Korea time).

It was his first appearance in four days after he was hurt by a bruised foot on his foul ball in the eighth inning against the Colorado Rockies on Wednesday. Lee, however, was hurt in his first defense in the top of the first inning.

San Francisco Giants starter Kyle Harrison showed poor control from the start of the game, sending runners out one after another. After TJ Friedl got on base after being hit by left hand, Spencer Steer walked with one out and Stuart Fairchild walked with two outs, putting Harrison on the verge of loading the bases with two outs.

Jaymer Candelario then pushed Harrison’s 5th pitch, 92.1 miles outside, and hit a big hit to the right-center.

Center fielder Lee Jung-hoo sprinted toward the ball, determined where it fell in front of the fence net blocking the Cincinnati bullpen, and jumped straight and extended his glove. The ball hit the cushion on the top of the fence and fell inside. After hitting the fence, Lee fell to the ground and threw himself around. Then, he stood up and sat down, touching his left shoulder, complaining of pain.

Trainer Dave Grossner and interpreter Han Dong-hee rushed to the ground and checked his condition, but his expression of pain did not go away. Coach Bob Melvin followed the trainer with a worried look. Lee Jung-hoo was eventually helped off the ground by the trainer and was replaced in the game.

Tyler Fitzgerald entered the center field instead of Lee Jung-hoo. Candelario’s hit was a double, and all three runners homered, allowing Harrison to score three points.

Even after entering the dugout with Lee Jung-hoo’s glove and hat, Melvin looked dark. As Michael Confoto, who ranks first in home runs and long hitters in his team, is listed on the IL due to hamstring injury before the game, if even Lee Jung-hoo, the core of offense and defense, leaves the mound, his team will suffer a significant loss of power.

After the game, Melvin said, “I will have an MRI scan tomorrow. But I don’t think I’m in a good condition right now,” adding, “Lee ran as hard as I could. I don’t think he knew the wind would send the ball flying more or less. He collapsed after hitting the fence and couldn’t get up. I don’t feel good about it.” In other words, he didn’t have to chase after him too much.

After watching Lee play on the mound, pitcher Harrison said, “Lee throws everything into the ground. I respect him very much. I hope it’s okay.”

While Lee Jung-hoo’s injury status has not been accurately reported, local media expect him to go to the IL.

The Athletic said, “Melvin initially expressed his opinion that Lee Jung-hoo is a separate shoulder. He can recover from the injury after taking a few weeks off rather than a few months. However, the club later identified Lee’s condition as a displacement of the shoulder,” adding, “A dislocation is a much more serious injury as it may require surgery.”

Boston Red Sox shortstop Trevor Story tried to catch a diving catch on a ground ball against the Los Angeles Angels on June 6, but had to undergo a dislocated shoulder and ended the season. This is the worst-case scenario for Lee.

Lee Jung-hoo once suffered a dislocated left shoulder while sliding after hitting a double and running to third base in a game against the Doosan Bears in Jamsil on June 19, 2018, when he was at Kiwoom Heroes, and he was involved in rehabilitation for a month. Concerns are growing over the injury in the same area.

Earlier, Lee Jung-hoo was bruised when he hit the sinker on the body of the opponent’s right-hander Jake Bird in the top of the eighth inning against Colorado at Coors Field on the 9th. At the time, he finished the game without much reaction, but the next day, he complained of pain and was eventually absent for three consecutive days.

Meanwhile, San Francisco won the game 6-5, thanks to Casey Schmidt’s walk-off double in the 10th inning of extra time.

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