Yoon, opposition leader set for first-ever meeting

President Yoon Suk Yeol and opposition leader Lee Jae-myung attend a TV debate at broadcaster KBS' studio in Seoul in this March 2, 2022 file photo. Yonhap

President Yoon Suk Yeol and opposition leader Lee Jae-myung are set for their first-ever talks Monday, a meeting that will test how much the two sides are willing to cooperate on politics and government affairs.The two are scheduled to meet over tea at the presidential office at 2 p.m., accompanied by three aides each, with no fixed agenda.The meeting was arranged at Yoon’s suggestion after the ruling People Power Party was routed in the April 10 parliamentary elections, leaving the National Assembly under the control of Lee’s Democratic Party of Korea (DPK).It will be the first time the two have held talks since Yoon came into office in May 2022. Both sides have said the talks will focus on finding ways to improve people’s livelihoods, though the DP has also cast the meeting as an opportunity to demand changes in the principle of state affairs.

“I invited him not so much because I want to say what’s on my mind but because I want to listen to what Chairman Lee Jae-myung has to say,” Yoon told reporters last week. “We won’t put restrictions on the agenda but talk about various matters.”Cooperating with the opposition bloc has become ever more important for Yoon as he will have to work with an opposition-controlled National Assembly for the remaining three years of his single, five-year term. The DPK held a majority in parliament during his first two years in office as well.Lee is expected to call on the president to accept his general election pledge to hand out 250,000 won ($181) each to the entire population to help restore their livelihoods, refrain from exercising his veto power against DPK-led bills and accept a special counsel investigation into the death of a Marine last year.Also drawing attention is whether Lee will raise the issue of pursuing a special counsel investigation into allegations 스포츠토토존 of stock price manipulation involving first lady Kim Keon Hee.

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