Vinicius Junior is likely to stay in Real Madrid

I’ll never sell it even if I offer 292 billion won

Vinicius Junior chooses to stay in Real Madrid

Vinicius Junior (23) is expected to remain in Real Madrid as his position is expected to be ambiguous with the addition of Kylian Mbappe (25, Paris Saint-Germain). Real Madrid is also expected to be accompanied for a long time as it has expressed its intention to reject the European big club’s offer of 200 million euros to recruit Vinicius.

Spanish media Sport said on the 4th, “If Mbappe arrives at Real Madrid, there could be a conflict with Vinicius. As a result, teams such as Liverpool, Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain have targeted Vinicius, and observers say he will offer a transfer fee of nearly 200 million euros. However, despite many problems, Vinicius wants to stay, and so does Real Madrid.”

Mbappe, who is leaving Paris Saint-Germain after this season, has not officially announced his next destination yet, but all possibilities point to Real Madrid. Real Madrid has been active in recruiting Mbappe for a long time. An opportunity came to Real Madrid as Mbappe declared his refusal to renew his contract a year before the expiration of his contract, and 토토사이트 Florentino Perez (77, Spain), the president of Spain, did not miss it.

Join Kylian Mbappe (25, Paris Saint-Germain)

If Mbappe joins, Real Madrid will form the world’s best offensive team. However, there was also a story that some players’ positions would disappear due to Mbappe’s presence. In particular, it is expected that Vinicius, who shows destructive power on the left side, will be pushed out of the competition due to his overlapping position with Mbappe.

Furthermore, he expressed his pain by saying that he was tired of playing on the Spanish stage as he continued to call for racism against Vinicius every time he played the game. Vinicius also shed tears at a press conference in this regard. As the dark clouds poured over Vinicius’ future, big clubs began to look for opportunities to recruit him.

Real Madrid is desperate to keep Vinicius. They want to re-sign Vinicius immediately after the end of the season. Real Madrid is expected to promise a salary similar to that of Mbappe in order to keep Vinicius. Real Madrid has decided to pay Mbappe 15 million euros (about W21.9 billion) per year. It seems that it will. Real Madrid has decided to pay Mbappe 15 million euros (about W21.9 billion) per year.

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