The time of 1 Chan-ho 2 Won-jun 3 Do-young comes back to KIA

These are the players that KIA Tigers coach Lee Bum-ho will be aiming right in front of No. 4 Na Sung-bum. However, Lee has never led a game by putting them in first to fourth batting order in a single game since the opening. Na Sung-bum left the exhibition game at the last minute due to thigh injury.

Since the opening of the season, 1 Chan-ho, 2 Won-jun, and 3 Do-young have been virtually abolished. This is because Choi Won-joon and Kim Do-young’s hitting sense was so bad. He went down to the bottom line for a while, and Choi Won-joon was out of the starting lineup when a left-handed starter came out.

Only leadoff pitcher Park Chan-ho seems to exert his utmost effort. He had a batting average of 0.364 with five RBIs, three runs scored, four steals, and an OPS of 0.800 in 11 games this season. However, Park also disappeared after the game against the Samsung Lions in Gwangju on Wednesday last week. He had complained of back pain in the aftermath of the dune.

Park Chan-ho had no hit in three times at bat at the game against the KT Wiz in the Futures League on Wednesday. The fact that he played three times at bat rather than the result itself means that he no longer gets sick. It is also possible to register for the first team starting from the Incheon SSG Landers on Wednesday.

According to KBO, KIA did not have any players removed from the first team on the 15th. The cancellation, such as entry, may occur at once on the 16th, but it seems highly likely that Park Chan-ho will be given more time for now. KIA has been leading the way alone with six consecutive wins, and the batting line is surprisingly well-known due to the strong performance of gums.

Still, coach Lee Bum-ho believes that it is best to operate the lineup as an early relief pitcher. This is a conclusion that can be made because he has constantly been watching batters since he was a batting coach. After four successful offenders, they are No. 5 Socrates Brito, No. 6 Choi Hyung-woo, No. 7 Kim Sun-bin, No. 8 Kim Tae-gun, and No. 9 Lee Woo-sung.

If you fill in the first to fourth pitches against the initial pitch, you can enjoy the scene where Choi Hyung-woo goes down to No. 6, and Lee Woo-sung (0.358), who has the highest average score in the team, goes down to No. 9. Of course, there seems to be a lot of room for lower batting to change depending on the current individual’s condition.

In any case, the top batting line is close to full operation. Chances are high that Park Chan-ho will return this week at the latest, and Choi Won-joon and Kim Do-young’s batting performance has completely risen. Notably, Kim had a batting average of 0.462 with three homers, nine RBIs and four steals, and an OPS of 1.387 in six games alone last week. Choi also had a good batting average of 0.350 with four RBIs in six games last week.

Coach Lee Bum-ho considers April as the primary showdown. He calculates that if he hits a half-stroke leg in 12 games against SSG Landers (Incheon), NC Dinos (Gwangju), Kiwoom Heroes (Gocheok), and LG Twins (Jamsil) over the next two weeks, he will be able to form a full body by returning to the injured starting with Park Chan-ho and Lim Ki-young. Na Sung-bum, Lee Eui-ri, and Park Min-soon will also likely make a comeback in May. The timing of his return is uncertain for Yoon Do-hyun, who needs surgery, and Hwang Dae-in, who has yet to undergo rehabilitation.

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